IMMER Group launched Production of Compostable Packaging Materials

25/ 03/ 2019

IMMER Group was the first on the Ukrainian and Latvian markets to launch the manufacturing of biodegradable packaging materials. Fully integrated production and combination of various printing technologies not only enable the company to manufacture an environmentally friendly film, but to use it for certain types of packaging, with print and with special tactile coatings. The basis for the new packaging material is cornstarch raw material, which makes the film fit for home or industrial composting. In the decomposition process, the film disintegrates into water, carbon gas and humus. Sustainability of the packaging material by IMMER Group is proved by European certificates “OK COMPOST HOME” and “OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL”.

Currently, bulk packaging for confectionery and individual packaging for grains, dry breakfast, fruits and vegetables are among recommended applications. Compostable film may also be used for the production of retail bags for FMCG stores, which could become a sound alternative to oxo-biodegradable bags, still widely used. In-house laboratory and R&D Center allow IMMER Group to make experiments and carry out joint trials on new materials in line with customers’ requirements.

Development of eco-friendly packaging materials is a contribution of IMMER Group into the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Besides, it helps responsible businesses and consumers reduce waste generation and be environmentally friendly in practice.

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