Ad Hoc Meeting: Fresh HR Trends

  • Date: 25/06/2019
  • Language: Ukrainian
  • Time: 17:30 - 19:30

EBA Office in Lviv 3 Verbytskoho Street, office 2 Lviv

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We invite HRs and managers of EBA member companies for a meeting on fresh trends in HR.

The meeting is planned for June 25 at 17.30 at EBA office in Lviv on 3 Verbytskoho street, 3, office 2.

We will discuss trends in HR sphere in Ukraine and in the world, as well as their interrelation with the realities of each HR manager-participant of the meeting.

You will be able to better understand how things are going in your colleagues worklife, where you are in terms of trends and how trends influence on us. Experience sharing, friendly atmosphere and no formal cliche.

The meeting will be moderated by Olena Skyba,  Kredobank HR Director.

Registration for a meeting is highly appreciated (no more than 2 participants from one company).

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