Open Lecture: Brainhaсker. How to Improve Your Brain and Double Your Productivity

  • Date: 02/07/2019
  • Language: Russian
  • Time: 10:00 - 12:00
  • Fee:free of charge for EBA members

HUB 4.0, 1/3 Yaroslavskyi Lane

In our time of high information load and constant changes, the brain is the main instrument of achievement. And the way you use the potential of your brain depends on your results and the brightness of life. It is time to reveal your superpowers. Brainhacker lecture is the concentration of techniques of mental development and methods of working with information for business people.

EBA Management Development Centre together with Victor Rublev invite you to take part in the Open Lecture: Brainhaсker. How to Improve Your Brain and Double Your Productivity.

After visiting lecture participants will: be able to quickly understand any issue and be always ahead of competitors; cope with daily routine and task flow much faster to focus on important and enjoyable things; accelerate the realization of one’s goals: new projects, increase in income, foreign language, time with close ones and travel; quickly master new skills and increase your productivity.

Speaker: Victor Rublev, speaker, mental abilities development coach, founder of BRAINHAСKER, CBDO of Business Radio, is in TOP-3 corporate trainers in Ukraine.

Main partner: Бізнес Радіо.

Partners: HUB 4.0Coca-Cola Ukraine2Amovers

Target audience: owners and business executives, middle and senior managers, HR specialists, IT specialists.

Topics under discussion:

  • How much do you use the capabilities of your brain and how to succeed in the modern world?
  • What do you need to know about the brain to achieve your goals and be at the peak level of productivity?
  • How to quickly learn new skills and get maximum pleasure?
  • Why do people not remember 99% of what they studied and how to stop forgetting valuable information from courses, books and trainings?
  • 3M technique. The main secret of memorizing information.
  • How to increase the capacity of your memory by 3-5 times, using one key technique?
  • 10 powerful techniques that will lead you to a radically new level of productivity and help to win over procrastination.

Registration is obligatory. To become a participant, please, click the «Register» button. Only the users of the EBA site can register at the event. Number of listeners is limited. Should you have any questions, please, write at development@eba.com.ua or call (044) 496-06-01. 


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Victor Rublev
speaker, brain and productivity coach, CBDO of Business Radio, founder of BRAINHAСKER
Victor Rublev

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