Open Lecture: 19 Lifehacks for Stunning Presentations in 2019

  • Date: 24/01/2019
  • Language: Russian
  • Time: 10:00 - 12:00
  • Fee:free of charge for EBA members

EBA Kyiv Office, 1A Andriyivskyi Uzviz

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Presentation may be presented as a collaboration of text, hypertext referrals, computer animation, graphics, video, music and sound that are organized in single environment. Besides presentation has a plot, script and structure that are organized for convenient perception of the information. The main feature of the presentation is its interactivity. It is a possibility of interaction made specially for consumer through the managing elements. Presentation skill is one of the main skills for company representatives that leads to more loyal attitude to the product or service from consumer`s side. 

EBA Management Development Centre Team together with Reprezent and Oleksandr Zayoma invite you to join the Open Lecture: 19 Lifehacks for Stunning Presentations in 2019. At the open lecture speakers will share their pieces of advice that will let you to present better and make slides at the highest level. These pieces of advice are very easy and work at 100%.


  • Alex TomilinCo-Founder / CEO, Reprezent presentation design company, Campus Ambassador of Prezi in Ukraine 2013–2014, mentor at Happy Farm, 1991 Open Data Incubator, Singularity University Kyiv Chapter;
  • Andrew PrykhodchenkoCo-founder / Creative Director, Reprezent presentation design company, 8 years in design, 3 of them — presentation design, mentor at Happy хFarm, VDNH Tech, Radar Tech, 1991 Open Data Incubator, Singularity University Kyiv Chapter;
  • Oleksandr Zayoma, public speaking and presentation skills coach, 11-year experience in education.

Partners: Reprezent

Target audience: departmental managers, senior and middle management, marketers, PR specialists, sales and business development managers.

Topics under discussion:

  • 9 tricks that will help you speak and look brighter and more confident; 
  • 9 pieces of advice on how to make PowerPoint presentations faster and more attractive;
  • 1 golden rule of qualitative preparation to the speeches.

Registration is obligatory. To become a participant, please, click the “Register” button. Only the users of the EBA site can register at the event. Number of listeners is limited. Should you have any questions, please, write at development@eba.com.ua or call (044) 496-06-01.


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Oleksandr Zayoma
Presentation Skills Coach
Oleksandr Tomilin
Reprezent Co-founder & CEO, Prezi Campus Ambassador in Ukraine 2013-2014
Andrew Prykhodchenko
Co-founder / Creative Director, Reprezent, clients have raised more than 10 $ mln with the presentations he developed
Oleksandr Zayoma
Oleksandr Tomilin
Andrew Prykhodchenko

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Anastasiia Mutas

044 496 06 01


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