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Public communications will never be different. Without invitation, in the life and work of many people came online communication. Today, this is one of the most important skills, thanks to which agreements and presentations are made, new business relationships are built. You do not have to be a movie actor or a millionaire blogger to be successful in filming yourself. It is enough to know the key technical and content aspects of working on the camera and to practice to a sufficient extent.

Trainer: Roman Liakh, culture of communication and communication trainer, founder of the Real People training platform.

Partner: HUB 4.0.

Target audience: heads of departments and functional areas, senior and middle management, marketers, PR-specialists, sales and business development managers.



  • Understand the technical aspects of shooting.
  • Define successful angles, lighting, sound, appearance.
  • Understand how to behave in the frame, move, work with the microphone and slides, learn algorithms for preparing content.
  • Learn the secrets of the behavior of experienced speakers before performances.


  • Understand topics and sections for speeches and a blog that will help to reveal expertise.
  • Identify your beneficial social roles that you will be willing to broadcast.
  • Master storytelling, improvisation and organic use of humor.
  • You will get an algorithm and practice answers to complex questions.


  • Learn to master the voice, intonation, pauses, control the speed of speech, use gestures, eliminate word parasites, work with timing.
  • We will try to establish contact with the audience, attract and hold its attention.

What knowledge and skills will you acquire?

  • Skill of behavior in the frame.
  • Work with equipment during performances.
  • Develop a list of topics to reveal your expertise.
  • Train external means of expression to influence and keep your audience focused online.


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Roman Liakh
Culture of communication and communication trainer, founder of the Real People training platform
Roman Liakh

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