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About the Programme

PR strategy is the algorythm, sequence of the precisely formulated actions with concrete aims. Point of departure for its effective building is creating strategy and aim of the company in common. Within the process of its formulating several stages can be distinguished: elicitation, goal setting and mission statement, auditorium definition, mechanisms and interaction channel`s definition, planning and programming. For modern specialists it is important to define weak sides, think over the anti-crisis plan in case of negative communication and understand how to work better in online and offline formats after creating and implementation of the company`s aim.

Having successfully finished the development programme, you will the receive certificate of completion.


  • Create PR strategy 
  • Get to know which instruments should be better used 
  • Make anti-crisis plan and take part in simulations of anti-crisis operations 
  • Understand how the speaker should behave in the interview when the crisis situation happened 
  • Get to know about the online instruments in PR 


  • PR specialists and managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Specialists on internal communications


Module 1. PR strategy creation: what about, whom and how brands say – May 13 – Fedir Krykun

  • PR for the brands: myths and truth
  • Channels and formats: how to create the newsworthy event and find your place in mass media 
  • How to create and manage you own mass media
  • Effective sponsorship and partnership 
  • Strategy in PR: how to plan and reach success

Module 2. Online Instruments for effective PR – May 15 – Julia Petryk

  • Investigation, monitoring and measurement
  • Understanding the main tendencies and development ways of the PR effectiveness approach
  • Measurement methods classification of PR effectiveness
  • Work with analytical services online

Module 3. Work with Influencers – May 20 – Oksana Lykhozhon

  • What is new media, nаno-, micro-influencers and top-bloggers. Thier place in modern PR  
  • Is it all necessary for your business? Goal-setting. From idea to realisation 
  • Variants of cooperation. Bloggers` search
  • Main mistakes in working with bloggers 
  • Working rules with New Media.Possibilities of this instrument 
  • Examples from practice: successful and failed 
  • Practical cases 

Module 4. Competitor`s analysis for building effective PR strategy – May 22 – Vladyslav Tykhonov

  • Which modern instruments should be in the armoury of the modern PR manager? 
  • How to analise the new niche in a correct way? 
  • Lifehacks to increase the number of mentions on mass media 
  • Reputational wars and their analysis – how to survive for you and your company and bear away? 

Module 5. Speaker preparation to the interview in crisis situation – May 27 Mykhailo Shuranov

  • Preparation plan to the interview, key issues: who, what, when, where, why and how it relates to the spectators
  • Action status in case of crisis
  • Preparation of the first crisis announcement
  • Examples of successful and failed cases

Module 6. Crisis Communications: first line of defense or weakest link – May 29 – Eugene Kachalin

  • Defining a crisis
  • Crisis communications scenarios
  • Crisis leadership
  • Crisis plan development
  • Managing bad news
  • Practical exercises/drills


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Fedir Krykun
Producer, ЩОГЛА, experience as PR director, ЛІГА.net and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade
Julia Petryk
PR & Marketing Manager, MacPaw
Oksana Lykhozhon
CEO SODA Communications. 5+ years in marketing. Main specialization — niche and expensive products and their promotions in social networks. Social networks and opinion leaders became the main channel for QDRO-terraced house sales
Vladyslav Tykhonov
Ex-PR-manager of the digital consulting agency Olshansky&Partners, more than 5 years of experience in digital. Main working markets: the USA and Asia
Mykhailo Shuranov
PR Director, Ukrtelecom, 20 years of experience
Eugene Kachalin
Practice Leader, PBN Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Ukraine, heads the firm’s marketing communications clients in the IT and consumer products industries
Fedir Krykun
Julia Petryk
Oksana Lykhozhon
Vladyslav Tykhonov
Mykhailo Shuranov
Eugene Kachalin


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