Development Programme on Logistics

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About the Programme

* The programme may be subject to minor changes

Nowadays, logistics has consistently carved its niche in the modern enterprise management. The logistics approach to management, tools and methods are used in a wide range of management spheres. The presence of a logistics unit in the company is no longer something unusual, but is considered as an integral part of the organizational structure of a successful enterprise, and the need for professional and experienced logistics expert will constantly grow.

EBA Management Development Centre jointly with partners launch a brand new Development Programme on Logistics that will help you to systematize existing knowledge, gain valuable experience from practitioners and experts in logistics, which will allow you to look at the usual logistics processes in a new way.

Having successfully finished the programme, you will receive certificate of completion.


  • Systematize knowledge about the pecularities of logistics processes of all means of transport.
  • Expirience the process of unloading of the largest cargo aircraft Silk Way – Jumbo at Boryspil airport.
  • Discover the innovative work principles at the automated warehouse of the pharmaceutical company ”Darnytsia”.


  • Beginners in logistics, practitioners who want to expand their professional skills to manage logistics activities of the company effectively;
  • Managers of warehouse and transport logistics;
  • Heads of  departments interested in understanding of all business processes in the company including logistics;
  • Providers of solutions and services for logistic.


Module 1. Air transportation – 28 October

  • Peculiarities of transportation by air transport and market trends;
  • Principles and tools for routes forming;
  • Airline selection, forwarding agent;
  • Document circulation of air transportation;
  • Typical risks and responsibilities of the parties in air transportation;
  • Nuances and principles of air trasportation pricing;
  • Points for increasing the efficiency of transportation;
  • Classification of equipment used for air transportation.

Bonus visit to the warehouse center of the pharmaceutical company “Darnitsa” – 30 October

Module 2. Auto transportation – 31 October

  • Peculiarities of transportation by automobile transport;
  • Effective search and selection of carriers, forwarders;
  • Document circulation of international road transport;
  • Risks and responsibilities of the parties;
  • Principles of road transport pricing;
  • Points for increasing the efficiency of auto transportation;
  • Features of cargo transportation (including dangerous ones), classification of vehicles.

Module 3. Railway transportation – 04 November

  • Features of railway transportation in Ukraine;
  • Nuances and pricing principles for rail transportation;
  • Points for increasing the efficiency of railway transportation;
  • Types of assets involved in rail transport and their investment attractiveness.

External module at Boryspil airport – 06 November

  • Overview of the platform, visiting the runway.
  • Overview of the platform equipment.
  • Overview of the unloading process Silk Way – Jumbo (or other cargo aircraft). 
  • The lecture about cargo terminal.

Module 4. Sea transportation – 06 November

  • Features and nuances of sea transportations.
  • Responsibility of carrier and forwarder in offshore traffic.
  • Client service in freight forwarding companies. Customer loyalty rating.
  • Bill of lading, as the main document of transport in shipping.
  • Choosing the correct INCOTERMS delivery conditions for shipping.

Module 5. Warehouse logistics and Supply Chain – 12 November

  • The basic principles of the supply chain
  • The main links of the supply chain
  • Warehouse – the central link in the supply chain. 3PL operator – who is he?
  • Warehouses, their types and purpose
  • Warehouse services, their types
  • Logistic information from customers – why it is important
  • SOP – who benefits?
  • The logic of tariff formation for warehouse logistics services
  • KPIs and their importance in logistics

Module 6. Customs support of foreign economic activity – 14 November

  • Customs regimes.
  • Guarantee system.
  • What is Ukrainian Classification of Goods of Foreign Economic Activity and why it is needed. Documentation.
  • Free trade zones.
  • Antidumping.
  • Non-tariff regulation.
  • Recent changes in customs legislation.


1 / 6
Andriy Kryvorotov
Head of Aviation and Maritime Transportation Department, ZAMMLER GROUP. Experience in logistics - more than 24 years
Dmytro Kyiashko
Head of Sales Department of Transport and Warehouse Logistics Department, DHL
Andriy Shkliar
Head of expertise, Center for Transport Strategies
Karina Yeromenko
Head of Operations Department (Air and Sea Department), DSV Logistics
Ruslan Pereverzev
Director of Contract Logistics at ZAMMLER GROUP. Has over 14 years of work experience
Oleksandr Lazarev
Managing Director, Lamarin LLC
Andriy Kryvorotov
Dmytro Kyiashko
Andriy Shkliar
Karina Yeromenko
Ruslan Pereverzev
Oleksandr Lazarev


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