Development Programme on Leadership: Leader of the New Era

Leadership People Management
  • Status:new season starts on May 18, 2021
  • Duration:18 - 26 May
  • Language: Ukrainian/Russian
  • Time:two Tuesdays, two Wednesdays from 10:00 - 18:00
  • Fee for EBA members:9000 UAH for EBA members
  • Early Registration for EBA members:8100 UAH till April 25, 2021
  • Place:Osvitoriia Hub (2, Moskovaska str.)

About the Programme

Today we need leaders of a new formation: men and women who strive to unleash their leadership potential and the potential of everyone in the team to achieve the goals. The time of authoritarian leadership of  a command – and – control is over. Such leaders are effective in the short term period, for “firefighting” tasks and in special cultures… We need new leaders at every levels in business. Companies need leaders who see beyond their benefits and their egos.Who can handle the challenges of leadership. Those who can find a balance between hard business data and soft relationship qualities. Those who are able not only to lead, but also to cultivate leaders.

EBA Management Development Center team, together with Diana Kebas and Kebas Training Studio, is launching a new Development Programme on Leadership: Leader of the New Era.

During the program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the models and principles of effective leadership of the new era
  • Learn examples of effective leaders of the new formation
  • Increase your productivity as a team leader
  • Master the tools to manage energy, stress, emotions and burnout and increase resilience in times of change
  • Understand how to cope with changes, crises and challenges as efficiently as possible and with minimal energy losses
  • Learn to be a leader of change for your team
  • Review your leadership and create a roadmap for development as a leadership potential
  • Get inspired for further growth and development.

Format and teaching methods: 

  • case astudy;
  • work in mini-groups,
  • discussion in the general group,
  • group tasks,
  • introspection, test,
  • viewing and analysis of educational video stories.

Target audience:

  • Heads of departments, divisions and groups
  • Middle and senior management of companies
  • Specialists who want to develop their own leadership skills

Module 1. Structural model of leadership development. May 18-19, 2021

  1. Nine aspects of an organization’s health. Leadership as a connecting element.
  2. Challenges of the new era: what leaders are needed now in business.
  3. Model “Five levels of leadership”. Positive and negative aspects of each level.
  4. Self-analysis of one’s personal qualities and zones of development; necessary steps to move from level to level.
  5. The Leadership Matrix model as a platform for action by an effective business leader.
  6. Performance management formula at the individual level.
  7. Types of work motivation. Defining your type and the type of colleagues.
  8. Team management model: socio – psychological and technological factors that determine the results of subordinates.
  9. Team development management (development practices).
  10. Efficiency model.
  11. Drawing up a map of a leader’s development: a reference point for development: skills of the future.
  12. Self-analysis: what skills of the future are important for me as a leader to develop now.

Module 2. Resource of the leader and the team: from burnout to sustainability and energy efficiency. May 25-26, 2021

  1. Leader resource: internal and external leader resources.
  2. What is burnout: symptoms and stages of development, prevention and response.
  3. Stress as a burnout factor: signs of high stress, causes of occupational stress, major stressors.
  4. Methods of increasing stress resistance, the development of flexibility.
  5. Energy management (VQ): principles and tools of energy management.
  6. Mental health and emotional resilience.
  7. EQ as a tool for the development of awareness and resilience: a scale of emotional tones; how to transform an emotionally negative state into a resource state.
  8. Changes, crises and challenges: how to understand them and go through them as effectively as possible.
  9. How to support employees during changes.
  10. Leader as an agent of change: how to launch or support transformation processes in the company.
  11. Involve all team members.
  12. Stages of transformational change and the role of the leader in each of them.


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Diana Kebas
Business-coach of the international level, has 19 years of professional experience, has delivered the trainings to more than 17 000 managers in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Turkey. Managing Partner of Kebas Training Studio; is among top 20 business trainers in Ukraine, Associate trainer of Management Center Europe and Center for Creative Leadership, a prize winner of the All-Ukrainian rating Woman500 as an "Influential woman of Ukraine", co-author of the book "Practical psychology in the social sphere" and the book "Yes, I am a brand", author of the publications in "Forbes Ukraine", "Management News", "Companion", "General Director", "Personnel Training", "Personnel Management", "HR-magazine", "I am the First". Clients: Lexus, Azercell, IFC, SEB Bank, Hertz, JTI, PUMA, OTP Bank, BASF, Ukrsibbank BNP Paribas Group, F& CBank, Sandora, Adidas, Makita, Pfizer, Electrolux, Beiersdorf, Peugeot, Mazda, Sixt, System Group, JTI Kazakhstan, Efes Kazakhstan, BAT Ukraine, Philip Morris Russia and Kazakhstan, Eczacibasi Russia, Zeppelin, SGS, Conerstone, Mary Kay, Coraltravel, Siniat, Lafarge, AIESEC, ALUTECH.
Diana Kebas


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