Training: Non-Violent Communication as the Way to Emotional Adulthood

When we are saying that man is emotional adult, we as a rule, mean that he can deal with his emotions no matter the odds. He is like the medium, centre of the storm, – where it is calm all the time.

Such a man has the following features:

  • he/she takes responsibility
  • he/she exhibits empathy
  • he/she admits mistakes and “does not die” for 8 times
  • he/she understands its needs and the needs of other man
  • he/she places smart limits.

To develop emotional adulthood is possible from any age and level of emotional intellect.

Method of non-violent communication and its representative instruments will be in the training.

EBA Management Development Centre together with Svitlana Savchuk invite you to join the Training: Non-Violent Communication  as the Way to Emotional Adulthood. 

During the training you will get:

  • understanding of the method and usage of non-violent communication
  • instruments of personal strong emotions transformation
  • practice of feedback in the style of method of non-violent communication
  • self-adjustment for openness to criticism
  • concise steps from self-empathy practice to its development.

Trainer: Svitlana Savchuk, certified business-trainer.

Syllabus of the training:

  • Acquaintance with the method of non-violent communication through the practice of 4-steps model
  • Connection of the emotion – needs via case-study
  • Behavioral strategies with emotions of strong intensiveness: physiology for understanding and techniques of the state self-regulation
  • Self-empathy as a method of support and buildup of psycho-emotional stability.
  • Specifics of non-violent communication usage in contact with other man
  • Steps of development the habit of empathic listening
  • How to take criticism and stay in contact with yourselves
  • Method of non-violent communication – technology of giving feedback
  • Containment of emotions: stages and peculiarities of usage.


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Svitlana Savchuk
Certified business trainer
Svitlana Savchuk

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