Online-Business English Development Programme

Business English Personal Effectiveness
  • Status:new season starts on March 10, 2021
  • Duration:10 March - 12 April
  • Time:on Mondays and Thuesdays from 18:00 to 19:30
  • English Skills Level:Intermediate+
  • Fee for EBA members:5200 UAH for EBA members
  • Early Registration for EBA members:4500 UAH till March 01 for EBA members
  • Place: Will be online

About the Programme

In this day and age, English language is one of the assets that is crucial for modern business processes and operations, and as a result of that, is mandatory for any business person. If the language is paired with the necessary skill, it adds to one’s basket not only the language fluency but also the context and the surroundings in which one may use it.

EBA Management Development Centre Team together with UNIVERSE CENTRE LLC invites you to join the updated Online-Business English Development Programme, which embraces a 10-step syllabus that leads us to the general goal of personal growth and improvement. Each module is dedicated to the set of skills and language tools (speaking, reading, writing and listening) that enable us to be prospering and striving in years to come.

This programme resorts to the case studies of modern brands, world-wide practices of huge corporations and approaches of top influencers. Moreover, the course is built on non-stop communication and experience sharing. Therefore, it is quite valuable opportunity for those who are willing to receive cutting-edge education and maximum benefit from their studies. 

Having successfully finished the programme, you will receive certificates of completion.

Throughout the course you will:

  • Develop language fluency;
  • Advance communication techniques;
  • Promote problem-solving, negotiating, motivational skills and practices.


Employees of all levels who perform business tasks in English (language level – Intermediate and above).


MODULE 1 – March 10, 2021

  • Analytical thinking and innovation.

MODULE 2 – March 15, 2021

  • Active learning and learning strategies.

MODULE 3 – March 17, 2021

  • Complex problem-solving.

MODULE 4 – March 22, 2021

  • Critical thinking and analysis.

MODULE 5 – March 24, 2021

  • Creativity, originality and initiative.

MODULE 6 – March 29, 2021

  • Leadership and social influence.

MODULE 7 – March 31, 2021

  • Proactivity and emotional intelligence.

MODULE 8 – April 05, 2021

  • Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility.

MODULE 9 – April 07, 2021

  • Problem-solving and ideation.

MODULE 10 – April 12, 2021

  • Technology use and digital literacy.


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Anastasiia Meleshchenkova
English language instructor at Universe Center LLC, coach and facilitator of Business English to corporate clients, conducting numerous Soft Skills development programs, Master Classes and Workshops. Pearson LCCI certified with FTBE, pass with merit; Proficiency in English (CPE holder).
Hanna Pylypenko
English and Chinese language instructor at Universe Center LLC. Soft Skills workshops and numerous educational programs for corporate clients. HSK tutoring. Cambridge certified with Proficiency Level of English (CPE holder).
Anastasiia Meleshchenkova
Hanna Pylypenko


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