Training on MS Excel Complete Course

The training is created for professionals with basic experience in MS Excel and based on many years of practical experience. All the tools are carefully selected for solving typical business problems. Nothing superfluous – just what can be used in practice with maximum results. You will get ready-made solutions for use in everyday practice and will master a wide range of MS Excel tools that will give you the opportunity to find fast and effective solutions for successful business tasks.

EBA Management Development Centre together with PwC Academy invite you to join the Training: Online-Training on MS Excel Complete Course.

During the training each participant will get:

  • knowledge and tools on working with MS Excel;
  • practical skills required for more efficient work with MS Excel

Target audience:

  • Business Analysts
  • Accountants
  • Financial Controllers
  • Specialists who work with big data and big volume of information
  • Professionals from various functional areas using MS Excel on a basic level in their daily tasks and looking for the next-level skills using various tools and solutions

Trainer: Denys Shashkov, a trainer with many years of experience in both teaching and business modeling and business evaluation engagements, has the experience in consulting where he was responsible for developing MS Excel models for management accounting, business evaluation, performance management.



  • Configuring the quick access user panel – adding buttons for Paste Special, Cell Selection, Filters, Dependencies, etc.
  • Configuring the application interface

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Common keyboard shortcuts

Lookup and reference functions

  • VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, OFFSET and their variations to lookup precise and approximate values

Error detection

  • Tracing calculations, step by step evaluation of formulas, error processing functions, circular references

Conditional sum functions

  • Using SUMIF, SUMIFS functions to sum based on one or multiple conditions

Transpose feature

  • Transposing (rotating) tables using functions and paste special features

Data validation

  • Applying data validation to specific cells
  • Creating drop-down menus


  • Using passwords to differentiate user access to cells, worksheets and files


  • How to use names in calculations. Creating and using named constants and ranges in calculations, navigating worksheets and cells using names

Logical functions


Working with text

  • Text functions – LEFT, RIGHT, MID, LOOKUP
  • Splitting text to columns

Working with big data

Importing data from database files

Pivot tables

  • How to organize data for a pivot table, creating and restructuring reports, various types of totals

Pivot charts

  • Creating and using pivot charts

Other functions


Conditional formatting

  • Using conditional formats to provide visual cues and lookup data errors


  • Macros overview. Practical examples.

Case studies and tasks


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Denis Shashkov
a tutor with many years of experience in both tuition and business modelling and business valuation engagements, has the experience in teaching the proprietary Microsoft Office courses tailored to the client’s typical business tasks, also the experience in consulting where he was responsible for developing MS Excel models for management accounting, business valuation, performance management.
Denis Shashkov

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