Online-Training-Intensive: Negotiations Online

  • Duration:05 - 09 October
  • Time: 15:00 - 18:30
  • In addition:October 07 - negotiation battle - 19.00 - 20.30
  • Fee for EBA members:6000 UAH
  • Early Registration for EBA members:5100 UAH till September 05
  • Place: Online Zoom

2020 has become life-chaning. World that for 3 years has been striving to become digital in two months has achieved its mission on 90%. Business meetings that we got used to with a cup of coffee have become online-meeting at home. Therefore it is important for you now just like in past time to get new clients, be able to detain old ones, solve numerous business tasks in new realities. How to get used to new relaity?Are negotions online and offlie different? We will talk about and practice online-negotiations together with Natalia Baikalova during 5 intesive days. 

During the training you will practice methods of negotiating online, deepen into the new reality, be able to understand the difference between online and offline formats.  

Having successfully finished the training, you will receive certificate of completion.


  • Understand the complete negotiation process
  • Obtain the main skills of managing the negotiation process
  • Master negotiation tactics which could be used in variable situations / scenarios
  • Understand what is the difference between tough and complicated negotiations
  • Understand the manipulation and study the techniques of counter-manipulation
  • Become emotionally stronger during “tough negotiations”
  • Develop creative skills for presenting your propositions


  • Managers of departments, negotiating with clients, partners, suppliers and rivals
  • Everybody, who is interested in learning how to behave during negotiations


Day 1. Negotiations anatomy. Typology

  • Process model of negotiations. Basic elements of negotiation process.
  • Difference between complicated and tough negotiations, specifics of positional bargaining
  • Specialties of negotiations online. Time-lapse in online-negotiations
  • Characteristic traits of participants` role interaction in online-format. How to allocate roles in group negotiations online. Signs system.
  • Procedure of negotiations process beginning. Structuring “field” of negotiations.
  • Interaction theory of negotiators contact technologies online.
  • Interlocutor diagnostics, composition of interlocutor psychological portrait.
  • Negotiators classifications.
  • Peculiarities of work against several partners. Role diagnostics in partner`s team.

Case* – on working-out of role interaction in the negotiation process (team negotiations situation and diagnostics of the complexity/difference of interest level)

Day 2. Techniques of complicated and tough negotiating

  • Main tasks of negotiations kick-off.
  • Methods of managing the negotiation process. Techniques of resuming.
  • Questions in negotiations: informational, positional, nominalizing.
  • Techniques of leading well-connected dialogues.
  • Maintenance checkup of emotional tunnel appearance at the beginning of negotiation process.
  • Main elements that signalize about the strengthening negotiation interaction.
  • Intrusion patterns for you consciously compulsive role. Change of role interactions.
  • Way-out algorithm from the conflict interaction. Searching of core opposition and agreement gathering.
  • Methods of search decisions in conflict situation.
  • Counteraction on main manipulative methods at the negotiation kick-off.

Case** (in pairs) – working-out of negotiation issues, fire suppression of distress at negotiation kick-off.

Day 3. Negotiation battle 

Case with guest «Negotiation battle» – case, in which guest with big experience of negotiating in business is invited working-out of the algorithm of conflict way-out, rationalization of negotiations emotionally charged field.  

Day 4. Discussion phase of negotiations. Types of manipulations

  • Techniques of argumentation in discussion part.
  • Argumentation stages. Techniques of grounding in client language.
  • Tactics of medial part of negotiations.
  • Work with information during negotiation: interpretations, neglect, distortion, addition.
  • Procedural, logical, personal manipulations.
  • Recognition and counteraction of opponent`s manipulations in negotiations.
  • Techniques of bluffing about the cost in negotiations. Repertoire of techniques conditional bargaining.

Case** (in pairs) – working-out of argumentation and counterargumentation instruments. Tracking and classifications of manipulation in negotiation process.

Day 5. Negotiations finalizing. Negotiator`s psych hygiene

  • Techniques of finalizing complicated negotiations.
  • Characteristics that show which negotiations should be stopped.
  • Rules of leading multi-round negotiations.
  • Techniques of relief at the end of negotiation process.
  • Tactics of “rebalancing” of negotiations sides.
  • Method of final resuming.
  • Negotiation protocoling.
  • Negotiator`s psych hygiene.
  • Methods of self-regulating the psychological state. Methods of psychological de-escalation.
  • Express-methods of self-regulation to use in the situation of complicated negotiations.

Case** (in pairs) – motivational conflicts solving in internal negotiations.


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Nataliia Baikalova
business trainer, psychologist with 12 years of practical experience, consultant on the prevention of emotional burnout
Nataliia Baikalova

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