Online-Training: Why Business Needs LinkedIn

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Before the coronavirus pandemic in the world and the start of the quarantine in Ukraine, business still had time and conditions to consider – to switch to digital and e-commerce, or not to be in a hurry. You spent a lot of time on Facebook, had fun on YouTube, searched for photos in Instagram – but you probably missed out one of the most important part for your career and your business – LinkedIn. In today’s crisis you have to act immediately and to use all the opportunities to become better than others.

EBA Management Development Centre together with Ihor Nikolenko invite you to join the Online-Training: Why Business Needs LinkedIn.

As a result of the training each participant will:

  • understand the pecularities and algorithms of working in LinkedIn;
  • get a clear understanding of what a professional profile on LinkedIn should look like;
  • be able to build a strategy for further work in LinkedIn that will help you to find new clients, partners, projects, etc.;
  • receive a checklist for the perfect profile and presentation for professional and efficient LinkedIn use;
  • understand how to turn your profile into a loud PR loudspeaker of you as a professional and your business and to use your LinkedIn profile as a sniper rifle “to hunt” for your potential projects, people who make the decisions in your deals, new “stars” for your teams etc.

Trainer: Ihor Nikolenko, has 11 years of work experience in international companies: Philip Morris, Kimberly-Clark, Roullier Group, Modern-Expo, KMZ Industries, GigaGroup, etc., has five years of daily hands-on experience using LinkedIn; has 26,000+ direct contacts on LinkedIn;  was a lecturer at KMBS, conducted a corporate consulting session and trainining at EBA; an expert at Novoie Vremia, Business, Pro. Idei.

Target audience:

  • CEOs, Business Development Directors, Sales Directors
  • Financial and Commercial Directors
  • Country Managers
  • Marketing Directors, Directors of Lead Generation
  • Lawyers and legal practitioners
  • Founders and owners of companies
  • IT Director (CIO, CTO)
  • HR Director, HR manager
  • Key Account Manager (KAM)

Topics under discussion:

Day 1: Analytics, fresh data interesting facts and figures about LinkedIn –  May 26, 2020 (11:00 – 14:00)

  1. 8 Reasons To Be A Professional In LinkedIn
  2. What are the main pecularities and Social Selling and how can SSI in LinkedIn be measured?
  3. The level of trust to various social networks and audience of LinkedIn 
  4. How to create the perfect Linkedin profile
  • Avatar photo, important points that are often ignored by many people
  • Main principles the background photo, its design and the importance of its presence
  • The headline is your elevator pitch
  • How and why to customize links to your profile
  • Writing principles of your correct professional history (Summary), 6 important points
  • Filling in the contact information in the profile
  • Why to give endorsements and why it’s important to have your 50 skills filled in your profile
  • Why it is important to have your professional unit block properly and accurately filled
  • Properly described projects and their integration into the profile
  • Awards, Patents, Test Points, Extra Training, Training and Volunteering – Why it’s needed in the profile
  • Field on university education and online education
  • What you should do next when your profile has received an All-Star Profile
  • How to fill in the recommendation block correctly
  • B2B success recipes in LinkedIn
  • Tuning and setting the profile correctly

Day 2: Why business needs a business page –  May 27, 2020 (11:00 – 14:00)

  1. Design details and how to increase the number of subscribers. Bad and good examples
  2. Superformula for Inbound Marketing and lifehacks for proper posting
  3. Search for clients and candidates through LinkedIn, secret combinations and functions
  4. The rules of 2 and 3 circle of contacts, groups and how to work with them
  5. Types of Premium Accounts. How they differ from free accounts
  6. How to create events in LinkedIn
  7. Live Video in LinkedIn is a secret function for the favorites
  8. Your personal dashboard in your LinkedIn profile
  9. Rules of posts creation, analytics
  10. Algorithms of Linkedin network and its lifehacks
  11. Advertising in Linkedin – types and opportunities
  12. What the Social Selling Index is and how to measure it
  13. Secret tools to automate work and increase audience engagement in Linkedin
  14. Lempod and Phantombuster – a secret weapon for lead generation for advanced users
  15. Analysis of the profile of one of the participants online with further recommendations for changes

Registration is obligatory. To become a participant, please, click the “Registration” button below. Number of listeners is limited. If you have any questions, please, write at development@eba.com.ua or call (044) 496-06-01.


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Ihor Nikolenko
KMBS lecturer, 13 years in managing positions at Philip Morris, Kimberly-Clark, Roullier Group, Modern-Expo, corporate consultant, audience on LinkedIn more than 27,000 followers on all continents, was the first in Ukraine to conduct LinkedIn Live
Ihor Nikolenko

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