Online-English Development Programme: Step up Your Job Search

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About the Programme

Due to the major shifts in business, there are substantial changes going on in the job market as well. People are increasingly opting for going international while the demand for A-players is high in any kind of industry for the time being.

EBA Management Development Centre Team together with UNIVERSE CENTRE LLC invites you to join a new Online-English Development Programme: Step up Your Job Search. Covering all possible aspects of the job search in English will give you a unique chance to present yourself as a highly qualified and competitive persona for the position of your choice. 

The following programme aims to recreate close-to-real-life conditions of the job hunting, which at the end will leave you fully-armed for your next job interview, regardless of its format and scope. Whether it is stressful 3 hours’ interview with 5 interviewers or online conversation with an employer across the world, accompanied by a malfunctioning internet connection – that won’t be your first, since we are going to go through it during the programme.

On top of that, polishing your CV, writing your cover letter and application letter will also give you an edge in the eyes of an employer. We have it covered by professional linguists’ proofreading.    

Having successfully finished the programme, you will receive certificates of completion.

Throughout the course you will:

  • Develop language fluency and confidence for your next job interview;

  • Advance communication techniques and stress resistance while looking for new job opportunities;

  • Polish your CV, cover and application letters by professional proofreading.


Employees of all levels who are willing to use English to practice the processes happening at each stage of the job search and successfully pass job interview.


MODULE 1 – June 29, 2020

  • Small talk, socializing, self-presentation, elevator pitch.

MODULE 2 – June 30, 2020

  • Individual analysis and field analysis. Meeting the needs of the employer.

MODULE 3 – July 01, 2020

  • CV composition. Application letter/cover letter, references.

MODULE 4 – July 02, 2020

  • Storytelling in job interview. Job interview. EQ and proactive thinking.

MODULE 5 – July 03, 2020

  • Adapting to online regime. Troubleshooting. Stress management during job interviews.

MODULE 6 – July 04, 2020

  • Cases and tricky questions. Finding comfort zone while being interviewed.


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Anastasiia Meleshchenkova
English language instructor at Universe Center LLC, coach and facilitator of Business English to corporate clients, conducting numerous Soft Skills development programs, Master Classes and Workshops. Pearson LCCI certified with FTBE, pass with merit; Proficiency in English (CPE holder).
Anastasiia Poplavska
English and Polish language instructor at UNIVERSE CENTER LLC. Cambridge exam preparation as well as IELTS and TOEFL, English boosting programs for Lawyers, various activities in legal and commercial spheres, Soft Skills development programs: English for specific purposes. CPE holder. Two master’s degrees in Legislation and English Philology.
Anastasiia Meleshchenkova
Anastasiia Poplavska


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