Online-English Development Programme for Teens: Let Teens Talk

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About the Programme

Even staying on holidays at home, children can have a good time. EBA Management Development Centre Team together with DEC School invites you to join a new Online-English Development Programme for Teens: Let Teens Talk that will help the teenagers to improve  English and communication skills.

In adolescence, knowledge is best perceived through the interests of a child. Therefore, the program includes classes on topics of interest to every teenager:

  • communication on social networks,
  • relationships with peers and parents,
  •  plans for the future and choosing a profession,
  • love, feelings and life of idols.

As a result of the study all the participants will:

  • be able to use their knowledge of English in practice;
  • improve spoken English;
  • improve communication skills;
  • enrich  vocabulary with modern words and expressions;
  • receive structured knowledge;
  • be able to support the conversation in English


  • adolescents (12-16 years old with a level of English A2 and above)
  • active, purposeful, ambitious children who love communication, are interested in various topics and strive to improve and develop.


Classes are based on the communicative method. It is a tool that makes learning English easy and effortless, in the process of live communication, it allows, in addition to enrich vocabulary, to develop communication skills.


MODULE 1. Ambitions and career orientation – June 16

MODULE 2. Internet and social networking – June 18

MODULE 3. Are selfies and art? – June 23

MODULE 4. Rules and society – June 25

MODULE 5. Love is all you need – June 30

MODULE 6. Generation gap – July 02

MODULE 7. Idol worship – July 07

MODULE 8. Honesty and truthfulness – July 09

MODULE 9. Exams – July 14

MODULE 10. Is graffiti an art? – July 16

At the end  of the program, each participant will receive a certificate of completion of the course and  acquiring of  relevant knowledge and skills.


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Laura Kramarenko
teacher of English at DEC School, has 13 years experience in teaching of general and business English, Laura is ispired by the students' progress regardless its significance, creative colleagues and the beauty of people and nature
Iryna Sylenko
English language teacers at DEC School, Iryna is inspired by changes, sincerity, curiosity and kindness of people and also their aspiration for something new
Laura Kramarenko
Iryna Sylenko


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