EBA Customs Committee in Kharkiv: Classification of Goods

  • Date: 08/04/2019
  • Time: 17:00 - 19:00

SigmaBleyzer Conference Hall, 49 Sumska St., 5th fl.

We shall talk about:

  1. Solving the issues of goods classification
  2. Customs formalities and issuance of customs ruling on the classification of goods. Complicated cases of classification. Customs requests
  3. Changing the classification code after its issuance
  4. Declarant actions in the following cases:
  • issuance of customs ruling on classification code for customs clearance of goods;      
  • approval of customs duty notice by the Customs authority with reference to the incorrect determining the classification code of goods. 


Oksana Molinska, Technical Specialist on the Nomenclature and Goods Classification, ILOC

Andjey Kilaru, Chief Legal Advisor, ILOC


Vera Nosova, Head of the Consulting Department, ILOC

EBA members are welcome to attend upon prior registration.


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Iryna Konovalova

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