EBA Marketing Committee in Kharkiv: How It Works. AROMA Marketing

  • Date: 11/04/2019
  • Time: 16:00 - 18:00

SigmaBleyzer Conference Hall, 49 Sumska St., 5th fl.


Aroma marketing is rather new way of promoting goods and services to the market by using smells. Although it has already proved its effectiveness abroad, it still stays a novelty for our market. Emotional ties between person and company, product and store are easily created with scent. Properly used aromas could increase customer loyalty and build positive association with your brand.

 We shall talk about:

  • how can aroma function for the good of your business
  • how to select a smell depending on season
  • what mistakes should be avoided when using aroma marketing techniques 

EBA members are welcome to attend upon prior registration.



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Kristina Kurganskaya
Founder and Managing Partner of Ol.factory - Flavor Management Service; olfactory expert
Kristina Kurganskaya

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