EBA Lviv Express Course: Leadership Strategy: Image → Brand → Reputation

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About the Programme

Market leaders, both personal and corporate, are formed on the basis of several factors. The most important and unconditional factor is professionalism. You are experts in what you do. In order to succeed, you might need the following three factors to match your level of professionalism:

  1. Factor I – Your external image. This is a photo, your appearance, which you present to yourself and the world.
  2. Factor II – Your brand. This is an album that contains your photos and your appearance. There could be several photos in one album. And fewer photos there is – the stronger is the album.
  3. Factor II – Your reputation. This is a table, the album is on the table and is filled with photos. No matter how beautiful and magnificent your album is, in case the table falls down, everything will collapse as well. If brand is about product and consumer relationship, then reputation is a relationship with all stakeholders (business process participants).

With a professional approach to the development of these three components, one can become a leader in the field.

Applicability: Competition in the world is growing, market is saturated and often oversaturated with products. Your product, whether it is a product or a service you provide, must be known and understood by those who might need it.

Course objectives goal would be:

  • Make a product the most prominent among products present on the market for your existing and prospective customers;
  • Build perceptions of your product by customers: identify uniqueness, core values and positioning strategy;
  • Understand how to meet the needs of your customers and create loyalty to your brand;
  • Understand what reputation means, how reputable capital could be accumulated and goodwill business developed;
  • And most importantly, build communication strategies in order to be heard and wanted by prospective and potential clients.

Express Course plan:

9:30 – registration and welcome coffee

10:00 – start

  • Self-marketing for branding (brandologists)
  • Research and analysis in branding
  • Market, offer, competitors
  • Creating a profitable image

11:45 – 12:00 – Coffee break

  • Positioning (Who am I? Where am I? What do I want? How much do I cost? Who will pay for all of this?)
  • Differentiation in branding
  • Target Audience: analysis, segmentation, approaches

13:30 – 14:30 – lunch

  • Change! Become visible! Become a brand!
  • Marketing communications: what, where, how and who to say in order to be heard

15:45 – 16:00 – tea break

  • Reputation – how much do you cost
  • Reputation tools

18:00 – Homework, conclusions and feedback at the end of the training



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Victoria Yesaulenko
Marketing Director of Asters Law Firm, experience in PR and marketing - 16 years, Chartered Institute of Marketing, post Graduate Diploma in Marketing, Certified Business Trainer, member of the Union of Journalists of Ukraine, colonist Forbes Women Ukraine, New Time, MMR, the author of the book "Women's Secrets in PR Technologies", Best Legal Marketer in 2017 by the version of Yuridicheskaya praktika publishing house, speaker TEDx Women, FuckUp Nights Ukraine, EBA, Academy of Consulting Business, Higher School of Communications
Victoria Yesaulenko


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