Interesting Facts about Emotional Leadership

16/ 08/ 2018

Oles Maniuk

International business trainer, specialist in humanitarian technologies in business, emotional intelligence and psychoanalytic consulting. advisor to Jansen Capital Management on Anticipatory Research
  • Carnegie Mellon University research has shown that emotional intelligence is a much more important factor of success than conventional intelligence when it comes to finances. Financial success depends on communication skills by 85%, and only 15% come from technical knowledge. Everything is because people are trying to do business with people who are trusted.
  • If you imagine the general intelligence of a person in the form of an iceberg, then the IQ is only its visible part. Everything that is hidden under the water (and this is up to 90%) is the emotional intelligence.
  • Famous psychologist and journalist Daniel Goleman popularized the EQ concept only in 1995, publishing his book “Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ”. A graduate from Harvard University has proved that the emotional intelligence plays an equally important role in achieving success together with the academic intelligence. According to him, EQ is the ability to produce motivation for oneself and strive to achieve the goal, not to allow suffering and negative feel to prevent from thinking, empathizing, loving and hoping. Strategies with the “emotion destroying the business”, “the business is about only the cold mind and hard hand” key, on which the whole business empires were built, suddenly turned out to be ineffective.

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