Work with Nanoinfluencers

18/ 02/ 2019

Oksana Lykhozhon

CEO SODA Communications; 5+ years in marketing. Main specialization — niche and expensive products and their promotions in social networks. Social networks and opinion leaders became the main channel for QDRO-terraced house sales

We follow them in social networks, buy exactly what they recommend, we notice tiny details which happen to appear in their posts. We believe them because we used to believe people not the commercial.

Brand-influencer collaboration isn`t new, but few years ago all marketers staked on stars and bloggers with millions of followers. And, as it always happens, this type of advertisement quickly stopped being ‘native’. People got bored from such amount of collaboration, because there more brands than bloggers with a lot of followers in Ukraine.

It doesn’t matter which blogger audience you would choose, it is really important to be aware of some universal rules, which would lead you to the desirable result with minimum nerve losses.

  • Followers amount from 4000
  • Location: living or stay in accordance to business needs
  • Scandal and provocative posts absence (of course if it’s not the goal of collaboration)
  • Advertisement not more often than once a week
  • Common values and “positioning”
  • Good followers involvement — even distribution of likes and comments among posts
  • Fake followers absence (one can check with the help of online services)
  • Blogger involvement into process — he/she understands audience and knows, how to present your brand
  • Readiness to collaborate via contract

There are a lot of services to find bloggers like Publicfast, Livedune, but you can have a look at who does your target audience follow. Also you can find your influencer through hashtags in popular post via Instagram search (unfortunately, hashtags doesn’t work well in Facebook).                                                                            

We will speak in details how to start collaboration and how to measure effectiveness of work with influencers and New Media on 5th of March at Open Lecture Special Projects that Sell. New Media for New Business.

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