Professionalism Not Always Equals Leadership or How To Turn Bl-Bla-Bla Into Efficient Communication

22/ 02/ 2017

Author: Victoria Yesaulenko, Marketing Director, Asters Law Firm, a certified business trainer, Member of the Union of the Journalists of Ukraine

Technology gets outdated. The only thing that stays anew – communications. 
Steve Jobs

Each of us is an individual with certain traits of character, knowledge and skills. Having right attitude to life, every person should also be a professional and an expert in his field. Unfortunately, there is often no real demand for these professionals and experts, but for those who are simply better known as highly demanded, so called the opinion leaders.

Now we can observe vivid examples of this in politics, economy, even in the consulting and service business. Because the right communication, techniques and tools of self-promotion as an expert and professional in a particular industry help us to reach the target audiences and, consequently, set goals.

In other words, it is not enough to achieve excellency and to be skilled. Nowadays, unfortunately, with only professional skills and approaches, it is very difficult to get clients and real requirements. Competition at the market has grown so much that you need to be very active (on the edge of professionalism) in promoting yourself and what you do.

The main task is to become an opinion leader, to establish and support close professional relationship with existing and prospective clients, to defend our point of view, to achieve our goals without any conflicts and with the most positive results, influencing the opinion of the community.

30 years ago Carnegie said that the financial success of a man, even in the technical field or engineering, only fifteen percent depends on his professional knowledge and eighty-five percent on the ability to communicate with people. (Carnegie D. How to buy friends and influence people).
Communicate! Communication is not difficult and it should not bother you! They will enrich your personality and make your positioning in this world more sustainable and stable thanks to the support and attention of other people. Meet new people. Be open, honest and relaxed! Do not be afraid of people, communication is the most valuable thing in the world not only in terms of professional development, but just for pleasure.

That is exactly what we will learn at the workshop – how to communicate properly and how to enjoy it!

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