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28/ 07/ 2017

2Amovers is European Business Association partner for more than two years. Over these years, we have become convinced that we became not only partners, but also good professional friends. It seems both of us equally need each other and bring mutual benefit.

Today, the market offers a variety of individual services – transportation, goods delivery, warehouse lot rental on request, consulting on logistics issues and much more. 2Amovers services for the Association are unique! They cover all of the above listed and even more.

Initially, the idea of a shared project with 2Amovers consisted in expansion of partnership links, achievement of faster and better cooperation between partners, and operational assistance at the Association’s office. So, on the idea of expanding cooperation, General Director of 2Amovers Oleksiy Avsievich suggested a unique project for the moving services market – an outsource of the company’s employee. Now, it is not enough to say that the idea has succeeded. Indeed, 2Amovers today is literally an inseparable part of the Association, which ensures its full life-sustaining activity.

So far, during the period of six months the team of the European Business Association has an experienced permanent 2Amovers employee – Andrew Prykhodko.

Andrew is a “magic wand” in assisting with products supplying, meetings organizing and often with Association events running.

Comment of the EBA Administrative Support Team Leader Olha Babych:

“Thanks to Andrew and 2Amovers Company, the issue of products delivery from the warehouse just ceased to exist. All work is carried out so consistently, timely and imperceptibly, that at times it is not believed that we recently “broke our head” over everlasting boxes at the reception and in the halls and problem of hiding the meter goods without being noticed. Voila, and everything is settled. Now it’s scary to imagine that this opportunity can be taken away!…

Andrew got very competent logistics going. In collaboration with the EBA Technical Worker Valentina Polishchuk they have thought through the whole process – all deliveries are timely and in the required quantity, which allows us to use the office space rationally. Each second colleague addresses to Andrew on the issues of furniture rearrangement in conference halls, assembling and laying out of banner, goods unloading etc. Andrew often makes concessions and works late after 6 PM or comes earlier to get things done. I can endlessly list all the benefits that we now have thanks to 2Amovers but it’s better to say briefly: thank you, for Andrew!”

Comment of the EBA Events Manager Anastasiia Voronina:

“2Amovers are very helpful to our department. We inform Andrew in advance about certain event and things we need to bring on it. If it is things big in size, the 2Amovers car arrives and their team delivers everything on their own. It all depends on the type of the event. Generally, it is assistance in bringing on banners to the location, event attributes, drinks, in moving of furniture, and, at the end, the delivery of all things back to the office of the Association.

Thanks to the collaboration with 2Amovers, the Christmas Party for Kids passed fully and brightly. 2Amovers have really helped us with the delivery of a volumetric throne for Santa, large Christmas trees, garlands etc. Without their help, we would not be able to bring such large goods to the location.”

Half-year EBA work impressions of the 2Amovers employee Andrew Prykhodko:

“According to the reviews of my colleagues, friends and acquaintances in company, outsourcing erases the boundaries, what has a positive influence on the business dealing and own job tasks rendering, without distracting by tasks imposed on the outsource.

In cooperation with other clients, other contracts will be drafted and other relationships will be built. As for using the outsource experience in the future work, I will say only the following – we know, we can, we do.”

In the 2Amovers warehouse, at the EBA office, outside the office at the Association events – any location becomes comfortable, thankfully to the qualified support of 2Amovers.

Personal transportation, office movements, goods delivery or relocation abroad – 2Amovers will load and store, take away and transport.

Special thanks for cooperation to the CEO of 2Amovers – Oleksiy Avsievich.

Comment of the 2Amovers Owner & Director Oleksii Avsievitch:

“The market of the moving services in Ukraine does not want to develop. “Great boast, small roast”. The market is corrupted. The movers work is very dangerous. Not only companies are at a stop, unfortunately, the movers are also afraid of movements and responsibility. Our company appeared to be the first and the only one that immediately frankly complained about the incident when customs were demanding something that was not before.

Moving companies that have been on the market for 15-20 years do not bring forward any initiatives at all. They got accustomed to work as before.

We are more ambitious and really want to get things moving. And as long as we are not bored, we will keep on trying.

Choosing 2Amovers is worth it, because we are a “family” company. We are not a corporation. Private companies doing business with only 1-3 countries provide considerably more service. In my company, I know every employee and can safely comment on his or her work. Several of our employees have Schengen visas, what allows our one team independently carry out all transportation and delivery processes. Now, for example, we transport the German Embassy: we have one team on packaging and on delivery to Ekaterinburg, what is very convenient for the client. To sum up, if a company is private, there are much more chances of getting a high-quality service. And we, 2Amovers, are constantly moving – we are not at a stop.”

2AMOVERS is a company with more than 5 years of positive experience in working with clients from all over the world. They carry out all transportation and storage services in the city, inside the country and out of this.

For years on the market, the company has shown itself as a high-quality and professional transport operator of personal belongings with guaranteed excellent service.

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