“SUPER-CHILDREN” PROJECT: Why do schools use the Thomas System tools?

16/ 04/ 2019

Victoria Sporysh

Trainer at Jansen Capital Management

Parents and teachers educate children to provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge. A correct approach, experienced teachers and patience allow a child to get and embrace new information. However, does a good education guarantee future graduates to find their place in life and occupation to their liking? Not always.

Children need to understand the strengths of their behavior. Only awareness of their strengths will guarantee children self-confidence and focus on their own business. This is a straightforward path to success. The Thomas System Toolkit can advise on how to make an informed choice of the right goals. Thomas System International’s psychometric assessments have long been successfully used in British schools. Let us look at how this works.

Case №1. St. Benedict School

The British St. Benedict School used the Thomas System Toolkit to increase student success and improve students’ behavior.

“Some of our students could not reach their potential because they were not involved in the learning process or behaved very badly,” said Andy Watts, Deputy Director. “We wanted to reduce the number of negative success rates, expulsion from school, and transfer to the department for difficult children with bad behavior, and removal from the classroom.”

It was decided to test students using the tools of the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) and Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) Test. Children reacted positively to such an initiative.

“Even the weakest students had the feeling that everyone should be able to go through such a process of feedback and develop their self-awareness. They learned in which areas they could be better, despite previous negative experiences,” says the Deputy Director.

The school believes that the testing itself helped to achieve a 90% reduction in the number of expulsions from the school and negative reviews. For most students with poor attendance, the latter has improved significantly. This is undoubtedly the merit of the Thomas System toolkit.

Case №2. Larbert high school

“Now I know how I can get my dream job. I understand what further education and experience I need to achieve my goals,” a student of the British Larbert High School wrote in his testimonial about testing by Thomas International experts.

All children had undergone the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) test. Moreover, the Thomas PPA program was developed and included in the “Life safety basics” course as part of the school curriculum.

“We want our super-students to develop their self-awareness, to gain a deeper understanding of their strengths, and to be sure that they have fully revealed their potential at school and beyond,” says senior educator David Killeen. “The results of the evaluation by the Thomas System really helped the students to get valuable information about themselves.”

For their students, the school aims to get a good further education and successful employment. In this school, they understand that super-adults grow out of super-children.

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