How to make mobile advertising be effective

27/ 09/ 2017

Author: Olena Peday – the head of the”UADIGITALS”

Mobile grows fastest

Forecasts of experts are confirmed: the volumes of mobile placements are growing at the fastest rates, increasing by 50% per quarter. A growing number of advertisers are adapting their sites and strategies for the mobile and are beginning to actively engage a mobile audience.

Next year, 350 million UAH will be spent on mobile advertising in Ukraine, according to the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition data.

According to the forecasts of Zenith Optimedia agency, about 70% of the entire advertising industry growth in the next three years will be provided due to mobile advertising. And it will go to the third place by by the budgets, after TV and desktop Internet advertising.

So each business presented online now is preparing for the era of mobile marketing in Ukraine.

And now some questions to You:

  • Have You a mobile version of the site already? Or adaptive layout?
  • Have You tried to place mobile advertising?
  • Have You pay anything for mobile visitors?

There is still very much potential for growth in this segment, since about 25% of the budgets for banner advertising and about 10% of the budget of video allocations are being spent in the framework of advertising campaigns aimed at users of all devices, which reduces their effectiveness for mobile users.

Despite the growth of mobile traffic, many Ukrainian advertisers still prefer to be placed only on the screens of stationary computers. For advanced mobile companies, this means that mobile advertising may be more effective tool.

Which companies need advertising in mobile phones

Everybody needs it. Because the consumer migrates massively to smartphones & tabs. Plus there is a great number of people consuming information only through smartphones and tablets (mobile only). You have to go for them, only you need to do it right.

How to get ads to work for the mobile

First, you need to change the approach to its creation. Mobile created a new era of consumption. We are in a completely new space for telling stories. Nevertheless, we are still creating mobile advertising by briefs and media plans, that were developed for quite other media – television and the press.

What makes it different from the usual online advertising

You have only 1.7 seconds to interest the consumer. (Facebook IQ data, Apr 20, 2016). And this rule works equally for advertising materials, as well as for landings / sites / applications.

What rules need to be followed, what tools to use

The most important thing to do is determine the purpose of mobile advertising placement, since this will determine the format of the message, which will affect the final performance indicators. For each purpose, a certain format of advertising is suitable: text ads, banners, leads and rich media. Each has its own set of rules and tools.

3 main trends for the next few years

We are changing and increasingly focusing on visual content. 3 of the 5 most commonly used applications in the US are focused on video, photos and illustrative material.

The world lacks video inventory. Recently, representatives of the international network from China came to me with a request to provide them with video equipment for Europe and North America.

One moment: do not shoot for the mobile as well as for TV! Screens for devices are different.

Each message should involve people! There is no passive audience in the mobile, so you no longer need to ignore the message relevance and user encouragement.

Studies show that when people use mobile platforms, their emotional reactions are exacerbated. It will be nice if the content of an advertising banner matches the content that it covers / in / under which is located. And give a specific advantageous offer to the user.

Advertising only then will benefit business, when it will benefit people.


It can be as in the Trump’s SMM campaign, when different people showed different messages depending on their interests, gender, age, income, etc. Everyone gets the information that interests him.

Remember, users surf the web and the applications. They are scattered and relaxed. Therefore, your task is to give the person exactly what he needs right now.

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