Linkedin For Business: Everything You Need to Know

03/ 10/ 2018

Olga Yurchenko

LinkedIn-strategist, Career Coach, Consultant on career transitions, has 5 years of experience in HR field, 3 years of career consulting, has 2 international diplomas in coaching, lives in Denmark, works with the whole world: conduct individual consultations, seminars, webinars, group programs

LinkedIn is often underestimated, considering that it is useful only when looking for work, but LinkedIn is a powerful tool for companies that want to find potential customers, employees and build their brand.

Consider the basic steps that confuse you to attract the best professionals, position yourself as a leader in your industry and promote your products or services.

The presence of your company on LinkedIn

More than 3 million companies are registered in LinkedIn. Do you have a company page on LinkedIn? The company page is the gateway to your world. LinkedIn helps not only build relationships with potential employees, but also develop the brand of the company through good content, building emotional relationships with customers. After all, you can not only publish vacancies, but also talk about how the product is created, about projects, about the company itself and employees. Due to the constant updating, through LinkedIn the company can tell more than from the site. And it attracts customers and potential applicants.

Employees – the main ambassadors of your brand

If you decide to be on LinkedIn, make sure that employees update their LinkedIn profiles, especially those who directly communicate with customers. It is about the company’s image, and therefore it is worth investing time and resources in the professional profiles of your employees, educating them, agreeing on a common vision and strategy of behavior in the network.

LinkedIn not only for advertising

According to the report “Social Media Marketing Industry” LinkedIn is the best place to search for and distribute high-quality content (94%) and 50% go to the site through LinkedIn.

You can use LinkedIn to talk about your business. Share links that may be of interest to your customers, give recommendations, talk about trends and innovations in your industry, show why you do, then do what. Behind every business are people, and LinkedIn is a network where people choose people, not brands and logos. People buy from people. Therefore, it is important to show off relations through co-ordination. And LinkedIn is the best for this.

Need a strategy for your business development in LinkedIn

It is important that the goals from your strategic development plan are transferred to LinkedIn as well. Without understanding what results, you want to achieve, it will be difficult to get a good result. Describe the goals and agree who will be responsible for their implementation. Otherwise, you risk discovering that employees do not understand their role in the LinkedIn campaign, and content will be created during the lunch break.

LinkedIn – a worthy investment for your business

Like any social network, LinkedIn has disadvantages and advantages. Therefore, it is important to test, test, and analyze everything. LinkedIn has many built-in tools that allow you to evaluate page analytics, identify trends and better understand your customers.

I hope that you have made a decision that your business will be involved in this social network. Use LinkedIn to develop your business, to attract customers, employees and partners, to reach a new level. Make LinkedIn an invaluable addition to your marketing strategy and you will be surprised at the speed of your business development.

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