Client Service Generates Revenue. How does it Work: World Companies Practices

21/ 05/ 2018

Author: Oksana Vereskun: CEO, the leading coach of OKSVER Training Company, author and coach of the CX and Customer Service trainings, certified trainer

The 21st century was called the client’s century. This is the time when all companies who want to have economic stability should think about the customer. The client today is more important than service or product. If earlier the unsatisfied client could just disappear, and at the same time through marketing actions company could attract a dozen of new ones; nowadays, the unsatisfied customer will not just disappear, he will share his negative experience to thousands people via social networks and the Internet. Five years ago, customers were ready to wait for a response within 24-48 hours, today, as the statistics of JD Power polls show that social networking users expect a solution to their problem within 30 minutes (32%), 60 minutes (42 %).

Take for example Amazon Prime. The Amazon Prime conversion is 74%. The average online companies have a conversion rate of 5%. As the result, Amazon converts 15 times better. Does this mean that the design or promotional text of Amazon is 15 times better? No. The reason is the understanding of the wishes of the client by processing feedback and opinions. Amazon Prime is a free two-day delivery, one-click order, easy return of goods, positive impressions from previous contacts – all this is a well-established customer service. As a result, the conversion rate increases, and the reason is not only the design of the site or the advertising text, which of course helps, the reason is that all the efforts of the company are aimed at one task – helping the final user. From all of the above, we can safely conclude that providing superior customer service is what will make your customers return to you AGAIN!

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