Key Points For Effective Interaction With The Online Audience

30/ 05/ 2017

Author: Liliya Moroz, International Business Trainer, Tearay Ukraine

In the business community and within our professional activity webinar format of interaction is gaining popularity increasingly. The success of the webinar depends on effective application of its main components:

– technical facilities (computer or laptop, headset and account on YouTube)
– visual content (use of presentation or demonstration of your product)
– verbal content (richness, concise and structure of your presentment)
– technique of speech (voice management skills).

It is “what we say”, i.e. verbal content, and “how we speak” – application of effective speech techniques, can hold the attention and create a high level of interest of our audience. These aspects should be paid special attention. To create a high concentration of audience interest I recommend to work using a few tips:

• Technical support

You do not need to install additional software or special equipment.

To start a web-conference it is enough to have a computer or laptop with Internet access, a headset and account in G Suite. Also, do not need to have specific technical knowledge, Google Hangouts interface is intuitive for video content development, which then becomes a part of your YouTube-channel with particular access parameters for the audience.

• Visual perception

Slide Title should reflect the core of the information contained on it. Reading the headline, the audience tunes in to the perception of specific information.

Another golden rule for creating readable presentation: “One slide = one idea.” When slide is overloaded with information, the audience’s focusing is lost.

Bulk amounts of digital information should be displayed using graphs, charts. In this format it is easily perceived (comprehended).

• Proper use of speech techniques

Mutual understanding between you and the audience depends on your voice and speech characteristics. These defining characteristics include: the power of voice, timbre, tempo, intonation, pronunciation.

Power of the voice demonstrates confidence of the speaker, his clear position in utterance, creates trust within the audience.

Tempo should be moderate. Too fast – shows speaker’s inner tension and nervousness, can cause discomfort and ambiguity in understanding the information within the audience. Too slow and monotonous speech causes loss of interest and concentration of listeners’ attention.

The same words spoken with a different intonation have different sense and can be perceived in different ways. Highlight with a tone the important aspects of your context, do pauses – they are essential for thinking and provide additional semantic significance of what was said …

• Filling verbal content

Besides the main content on a preparation stage it is important to consider a dialogue tool with the audience. Prepare questions that the audience can ask during your speech. For example, closed questions (the answer to which may be “yes” or “no”), rhetorical questions (unanswered questions). When one hears the question, person instinctively tries to answer it, it keeps the audience’s attention for a long time.

If possible, use statistics: figures, percentages, comparisons. The format of presentation focuses attention, stimulates remembering larger volume of information.

A brief historical overview causes considerable interest, the story of your experience or the experience of others in the interaction with this product. This tool allows listeners to link your speech with reality, which in its turn creates trust and loyalty to the speaker.

We overviewd several effective methods for interaction with the audience by conducting webinars. Pay attention to the speech techniques and verbal filling,work out the sound of the voice characteristics in practice, improve them. Then your speech will be not only pleasant to perceive, but will also allow to keep a high level of listeners’s attention for a long time.

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