Infographics. Visual Method of Transmitting Data in a Presentation

10/ 04/ 2017

Author: Anastasia Borko, founder of “Room №10533”, specialist in digital design, business trainer

When news feeds are overwhelmed with data and you are very short of time for processing it, only that very information is perceived efficiently which allows you to understand the gist of the issue quickly and easily. Moreover, cognitive neuropsychologists claim that 89% of human attention occupies a visual perception of information, while 10% is auditory (through hearing) and only 1% is kinesthetic (through touch). Visual information, which corresponds to the trend «be simple and clear», is precisely embodied in infographics.

The advantage of infographics is that the combination of visual and textual stimuli makes it possible to transfer information to the viewer quickly and easily within a short period of time. Researches prove that if your data contains video, photo or audio material, the number of responses increases four times.

The main purpose of infographics is users’ satisfaction. After the first viewing of perfect infographics you have a desire not just to save it, but “drag” it to your computer archive and use it later for visualization of your own project. Visual information is so effective because it is based on associations, and thus includes emotions. Emotions, in their turn, allow not only perceive the message easily and clearly, but also to pass it on. It was checked in practice that infographics on the main page of the site several times increases the number of its guests, and infographic commercials gain a huge number of views and are spread on the Internet much faster.

Moreover, business infographics is a good tool for tracking the correlation between processes and prospects, in other words detect what the source of the results is and how to do work properly in order to get a particular result. Infographics that contains text, video, photo and audio, replaces several thousand words and is more visually attractive.

So, what infographics should be to attract the attention of your viewers? What should you pay attention to while creating it? And the main question, asked by anyone who feels the need to implement infographics in his/her business, is how to do it without design skills?

At the workshop we will analyze the tools of the Power Point, which will help you to make your presentation unique, interesting and understandable to the viewer.

Why exactly Power Point? Because managers and marketers often do not have time to study design programmes. Usage of online resources for creating infographic is, first of all, not safe from the perspective of corporate confidentiality, and secondly, not that efficient, because the capability of those online-programmes is rather limited.

Therefore we created this course for the widest audience possible. Skills obtained at the workshop will help people that are constantly engaged in presentations to make their work easier and much more effective.

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