How to Tell Stories

17/ 08/ 2017

Author: Julia Kolesnik, Senior copywriter of BBDO Ukraine, 11 years experience in advertising

Try to recall in your surroundings a person who would talk about anything, using only a dry fact. It will be an extremely difficult task – since, as a rule, a person will try to tell you the story. Why? Because it is the only way a person memorizes information. In this form, it’s easier to follow the logic, to remember the facts, and so on. Not for nothing, even in mathematics, in order to remember the difficult formulas, you can invent a story about it and first to remember this story to build logic.

Brands communicate with people. And brands are also built by people. For some reason, these people usually communicate with each other using stories, but on behalf of the brand they start to write formalistic “in a due to…”. Let’s decide once and for all – we want your brand to be heard. Is it so? Then let’s learn what story is like and how to tell stories.

During the master-class you will:

  • Learn to see people, but not a TA and will find out why this is so important.
  • Find out what a story is and how to write stories.
  • By getting this knowledge, in practice, you will write stories about your brand.
  • You will write our own good and bad stories, compare them, and receive criteria for self-evaluation of your texts for the future.
  • You will write posts for social networks, using stories.

Skills and knowledge learned during the master class will help you not only write better, but also make you review your attitude to the text.

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