Helping the Seller Discuss Expensive and High-Quality Solutions with the Customer and Deal with the High-Price Objection

18/ 08/ 2017

Author: Valery Glubochenko, a certified business trainer, experienced in public speaking, training and development of groups as well as corporate consulting, one of founders of the Ukrainian training market, a creator of several KNOW-HOWS in the area of negotiation and staff training whose events have been attended by more than 25 000 people

Trainer will provide you with the examples of scripts and techniques that students will adapt to the peculiarity of their activity and sales channels etc.

How to Work with Objections: “It is expensive”, “I need to think about it”, “I already have a supplier” and how to learn to read your customers’ thoughts, why they grumble and say “no” and how to acquire the skills to overcome the common barriers in communication: price, discount, competitors? Unique Scripts and Techniques that he will introduce will help you to learn the art of communication with the customer that you can start implementing the next day to make your negotiations more effective and in particular:

  • Eight types of objections, what is an objection?
  • How to make yourself listen even to those customers who have negative attitude and keep objecting?
  • How can customers’ tricky questions and answers be used to impose your conditions and sell what you need?
  • How to work with such frequent objections as “It is expensive”?
  • How to substantiate high value of an equivalent product in comparison with competitors?
  • How to work with discount requests?
  • How to continue the conversation if the customer says, “I need to think”?
  • How to negotiate the price with the customer the right way and not surrender more than necessary?
  • What is the difference between ‘pushing’ and ‘pulling’ sales;
  • What is the difference between “suggesting conditions” and “suggesting solutions”;
  • How to avoid price competition;
  • Why  do the customers say “no” , have “cold attitude” to the offer and often say “I will think”;
  • Effective bidding techniques
  • How to gain customer confidence?
  • How to sell expensive and complicated solutions?
  • How to learn about a customer something your competitors do not know?
  • What goals for the negotiations bring the agreement closer?
  • What self-study issues allow to bring back an operation that seemed to be a failure?
  • How to talk with the customer about products and solutions so that he does not lose interest?
  • How to overcome the client’s reluctance to listen to us?
  • How to hold the initiative in the negotiations and lead the conversation into the right direction?
  • The main reason why the customer says “no”
  • How to change or influence the client’s point of view?
  • How to avoid selling problems through price comparison?
  • What question should the negotiations end in order to finish it with a victory?
  • How to answer the customer’s questions “how much does it cost?”, specifying the criteria that are important for the client?
  • How to sell your product / service at your own price, not with the discount that the client wants?
  • How to keep the initiative in the negotiations and not lose control in communicating with the client when he says “no” or asks a “tricky” question?
  • How to smooth over such objections as: “expensive”, “give a discount”, “no money”?

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