11 tips for organizing a New Year’s corporate party

23/ 10/ 2018

Yana Matviychuk

General manager of ARENA CS

Events with ARENA CS are emotions that impossible to put into words! The agency team has been in this business for already 14 years and we know exactly how to make the event not just bright, but also effective!

However, for various reasons, some companies are engaged in holding the event on their own, including the New Year’s corporate party.

If you work for such a company and think of how to master the event management, then studying at our Great Event School will help you to deal with various aspects of this sphere and also make the experience you gained before more sctructured. By the way, there is a special discount for EBA members!

For those who are already preparing for the “main holiday of the year” , in this article we will analyze in details the typical mistakes that are allowed in the preparation of the New Year’s corporate.

Define clearly the main purpose of the event

Many organizers try to capture everything from serving the table full of food and alcohol, entertaining shows up to karaoke with stars. You would better to remember that the program of the New Year’s corporate party, like any other event, is formed around the main goal that is intended to be achieved after the event. It can not be neglected what thoughts, ideas and mood guests have when they leave the location after its end. Event management is a skill that you can master with the speakers of the Great Event School!

Do not try to embrace the unembraceable

This is a typical mistake of inexperienced event managers who try to organize a New Year’s corporate party according to the highest standards. The organizer tries to capture everything at once, often being  stuck in details like exquisite cuisine, awesome space, expensive beverages and a luxury New Year’s design. At the same time, there is not enough time and money for the most important things: to understand what the colleagues twant, who are the artists themselves, the theme of the party and the dress code they might like. The expectations and mood of the audience form the atmosphere of corporate event. No one forbids you to exceed expectations, but it’s a mistake to go against the mood of the audience.

For each organizer of corporate events it is important everything a party to be held successfully and every guest to remain happy. After that he could proudly tell about this event, especially if it was a large-scale one. We will be able to teach this the employees of companies, which are responsible for organizing events, in our school Great Event School!

Do not pressure conduct manufacturers

During the New Year’s corporate party, many organizers try to get maximum discounts from contractors. The desire is quite pragmatic and easy to understand, but if the negotiations take place in several stages and the partner being under pressure gives the price significantly lower than the original proposal, be prepared for compromises such as a service. For example, there are ways how the administration can reduce the level of service:

  • provide fewer staff (it means that your event will be serviced by the same waiter who works in another hall);
  • reduce the weight of portions in the dishes or even “adapt” the recipe;
  • provide for rent the room next to yours under a loud, which will add discomfort to both companies.

Such little things can greatly worsen the mood of the guests at the New Year’s corporate party. Therefore, we advise you to cooperate correctly and not demand a reduction in prices in any way.

Always document agreements with partners

It often happens when the organizer of the event communicates with contractors by phone, neglecting a written contract. As a result, the organizer could be sent a banner of the wrong color, confused with Christmas toys, sent a tree of that size or fireworks of the wrong power. The more contractors you have, the greater the possibility of errors and misunderstandings is. We advise you to agree on the details of the order at least via an e-mail with the obligatory confirmation of your conditions from the contractor.

Do not book rooms or apartaments in a hotel by phone or via the Internet without signing a contract

Sometimes it occures that a booking agency and a hotel sell the same rooms and halls. They do not coordinate actions with each other, which often causes uncomfortable and unpleasant situations. Believe me, this situation may happen: you book a room for a New Year’s corporate party, make a 100% prepayment, come and find out that the room is already occupied. Therefore, do not rely on the case.

Do not rely on the description of the location while choosing the place for the event

Event management is an area where you have to rely on yourself! When you choose a place for a New Year’s corporate party, do not believe the location descriptions in the program or on the Internet. It do not give a complete picture of the size of the room, the interior, the functionality. Sometimes the phrase “the hall places 100 people” does not mean at all that your 100 colleagues will fit there at the banquet tables and there will be enough space for the stage, photo zone and ballet performances. Do not be lazy, inspect the place before making a final decision and ask a maximum of questions and clarifications of the administration of the place.

Unified corporate event policy

Often, within the framework of a large company, various departments are involved in organizing events: someone is preparing the New Year’s corporate party, another one is responsible for preparing the seminar. Approaches to work for each manager are different, and this could lead to misunderstandings and cause discussions about the company’s solvency. Therefore, it is important to stick to a single corporate policy while creating events.

Assign a person who will be responsible for the event

One event manager – one run. By organizing a New Year’s corporate party you will definitely need helpers. You would better to involve indifferent colleagues to different parts of the training, but there might be only one person that is in charge of the budget , the program, the key points. This will help avoid conflicts, confusion and disruptions in the organization of the event.

Do not rely 100% on feedback of event participants or opinion of management

Sometimes it is difficult to assess the effectiveness of the holiday, because of the fact that almost everybody criticize the New Year corporate party, therefore. In the Great Event School event organizers will teach you to objectively evaluate the event held. A little advice – try to always diversify the program, instead of repeating the same plan and format of the event for several years in a row.

Do not try to save the budget by ordering each service directly from the supplier

Select one or several intermediaries in several directions, for example, printing; souvenir products and gifts; booking artists and the like. It will save you a lot of time, save packages of documents, dozens of letters in the mail, as well as save the budget. All the “tricks” that the event manager will certainly need to know the coaches of the Great Event School!        

Avoid banal concepts

Do not take banal scenarios for, and the management will be satisfied both with you and with the event held.

Great Event School is a school that will help you master everything you need to hold a cool event. I wish you success in the work and organization of your own New Year’s corporate party!

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