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01/ 11/ 2017

IT Outsourcing days: Ukraine, October 2017

IT Outsourcing days: Ukraine - Oct 2017 - TEAM International

Event focused on IT Outsourcing and Software Development in Ukraine

Kharkiv, Ukraine: On October 10-12, 2017, TEAM International hosted the IT Outsourcing Days: Ukraine conference in Kharkiv, Ukraine. This event was organized for the purpose of sharing information and experiences regarding IT Outsourcing, Innovation, and Software Development in Ukraine, with companies already established in Ukraine and companies considering Ukraine as their next destination for outsourcing. The guests had an opportunity to receive first-hand information and an overview of the current political situation in Ukraine, Ukrainian education, governmental reforms, and IT sector development. Speakers included representatives from the Ukrainian government, Kharkiv universities, leading IT recruiters, and TEAM International Executives speaking from their vast experience and long-term successful operations in Ukraine.

Every speaker emphasized that Ukrainian IT specialists are among the most certified in the world and Ukraine is a very attractive IT outsourcing destination in terms of price and quality.

Day, 1. Ukraine – Innovative and Dynamic.

Matt Moore – Founder and Chairman of the Board for TEAM International welcomed the guests and introduced TEAM International and the Executive Team.

Matt Moore - IT Outsourcing days: Ukraine - Oct 2017

George Firsov – Account Executive, TEAM International. Topic: Ukraine as an IT Outsourcing Destination.

George shared that Ukraine is the largest IT outsourcing industry in Eastern Europe with 1000+ IT companies. Ukraine is among TOP10 countries with the most certified IT professionals and among Gartner’s TOP30 Outsourcing Destinations.

George Firsov - IT Outsourcing days: Ukraine - Oct 2017

Yaroslav Markevich – Member of the Parliament. Topic: Ukraine moving forward. Governmental reforms and what they mean for business and international partners.

Yaroslav spoke on the new legislation that Parliament of Ukraine introduced together with the Ukrainian government to support the business and for eign investors. He talked about the new successful investment projects being in Ukraine including the ones in the renewable energy sector.

Yulia Bidenko – Politologist. Topic: Political Situation in Ukraine: challenges and positive developments.

Yulia Bidenko gave an overview of the current political situation in Ukraine, emphasized on the Ukrainian economy developing in spite of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, which is today sealed by the Ukrainian military on a comparably small territory. She also spoke on the very active role that the civil society plays in pushing Ukrainian reforms forward and controlling the government.

Yaroslav Markevich - IT Outsourcing days: Ukraine - Oct 2017 Yulia Bidenko - IT Outsourcing days: Ukraine - Oct 2017

Sofia Belenkova – Executive Director of Kharkiv IT Cluster. Topic: Kharkiv IT sphere and its development.

Sofia shared data about the Kharkiv IT Market:

  • 2nd largest IT Market in Ukraine, after Kyiv
  • $700 million in IT services exported in 2016
  • 300+ officially registered IT companies
  • 22 K+ IT specialists
  • Offices of TOP-5 outsourcing companies on the Ukrainian market
  • 7 out of 10 TOP IT Companies operate offices in Kharkiv
  • Liberal labor regulations
  • Diversified IT labor pool

Sofia Belenkova - IT Outsourcing days: Ukraine - Oct 2017

Konstantyn Vasyuk – EBA IT Committee Executive Director. Topic: IT industry as a priority for Ukrainian leadership, IT business participation in the decision making process.

Konstantyn said that 12 Ukrainian and UA based development centers companies have been listed in the top 100 best outsourcing companies in the world and TEAM International is one of them! Over the past 5 years the IT sector share of GDP has grown 55 times: from 0,06% to 3,3%.

Estimates show that the market of export IT services in Ukraine could more than double from its current $3 billion to $5-7 billion in the next few years.

Konstantyn described the European Business Association’s IT Committee active role in supporting IT companies’ interests in Government and Parliament in Ukraine and recent achievements in this direction such as:

  • IT export industry is recognized by the government
  • Favorable tax regime for IT
  • IT companies checks risks are eliminated
  • IT export sector strategy development is in progress
  • Legislation on simplified invoicing adopted (Draft Law #4496)

Konstantyn Vasyuk - IT Outsourcing days: Ukraine - Oct 2017

Svitlana Petersen – Executive Director TEAM International,

Anastasia Muchkina – Accounting TEAM Leader TEAM International. Topic: BPO and accounting outsourcing in Ukraine.

Svitlana and Anastasia showed the overview of TEAM International’s accounting outsourcing services performed for American clients, which includes accounts receivable and accounts payable, all types of financial reports preparations for the management group and for outside CPAs tax reporting purposes, commissions calculation, assisting in budget preparation, 1099 preparation etc.

Svitlana Petersen and Matt Moore - IT Outsourcing days: Ukraine - Oct 2017

Day, 2. IT Talent in Ukraine

Sergiy Povolyashko – CTO TEAM International. Topic: IT Security and business continuity.

Sergiy spoke about TEAM’s offices located in Lake Mary, USA; Kharkiv, Ukraine; Kyiv, Ukraine; Lviv, Ukraine; Lublin, Poland; and Medellin, Colombia and how they are protected with the different processes such as the magnetic key entry, dual power supply to the buildings, redundant Internet lines, uninterruptable power supply for server environments, and so on.

TEAM International is flexible to respond to specific customer’s requirements in addition to the standard set up.

Sergiy Povolyashko - IT Outsourcing days: Ukraine - Oct 2017

Taras Danko – Kharkiv Politechnical University professor. Topic: Higher education in Ukraine and Kharkiv.

Taras talked about the higher education in Kharkiv. Kharkiv is among the top 10 university cities in Europe. Around 20,000 international students from over 30 countries get their higher education in Kharkiv. 1% of the city population holds a doctorate: PhD – 12,000+; Doctor of Sciences – 2250+.

Iryna Shteimiller
 – Director of international cooperation department – Kharkiv National University. Topic: Kharkiv National University role in Ukrainian and international education.

Karazin University is one of the oldest universities in Ukraine (was founded in 1804). University teaches 19 600 students annually, 5000 among them are foreign students from 62 countries. The information and telecommunication department is one of the strongest in Ukraine.

Taras Danko - IT Outsourcing days: Ukraine - Oct 2017 Iryna Shteimiller - IT Outsourcing days: Ukraine - Oct 2017

Victor Chernovaty – HR Director TEAM International. Topic: Today’s IT Labor Market in Ukraine: Recent Trends vs General National Labor Economics Tendencies.

Victor presented the Ukraine job market overlook:

  • Trend for steady job growth expected to continue – currently at least 100000 IT professionals, projected to double by 2020.
  • Ukrainian IT schools and courses keep up the supply of IT talents – over 30000 specialists graduated this year; more are on their way next year.
  • Competitive nature of the market – currently there are on average 6-8 candidates per one position.
  • Ukrainian government appears to preferentially target IT as one of the most vital sectors of national economy.
  • Some recent political developments favor Ukraine as a booming outsourcing market – introduction of visa-free regime with EU countries, pro-western government orientation etc.

Alexey Povolyashko – HEAD of Talent Acquisition, TEAM International. Topic: Ukrainian IT Recruitment overview.

Alexey spoke about the favorable IT growth conditions in Ukraine, such as improving the political and social situation, attractive taxation system, and improved English graduation, which led to the IT Recruitment Evolution and changing of HR Philosophy.

Victor Chernovaty - IT Outsourcing days: Ukraine - Oct 2017 Alexey Povolyashko - IT Outsourcing days: Ukraine - Oct 2017

IT Recruitment Panel Discussion: Ann Kozakova – Co-Founder, Achievement House consulting company; Timur Marufiy – Founder, IT Career Professionals recruiting agency; Roman Kushnaryov – IT Recruiter, TEAM International.

Moderator: Alexey Povolyashko – Head of Talent Acquisition, TEAM International.

The IT recruitment panel gave the potential clients an idea of how the recruitment process is built and what the top candidates are looking at when considering a new opportunity. Also the most popular IT technologies and specializations were discussed.

IT Recruitment Panel Discussion - IT Outsourcing days: Ukraine - Oct 2017

Working sessions in Kharkiv National University Top Gun Lab

During the 2nd day of the IT Outsourcing Days: Ukraine conference guests visited Top Gun Lab – a new fully-equipped computer laboratory founded by TEAM International together with Kharkiv National University named by V.N.Karazin School of Computer Sciences. This is a place where the future IT specialists get practical knowledge from TEAM’s top developers. The graduates with the highest score are offered an internship in TEAM International with the opportunity to get hired full time.

Kharkiv National University Top Gun Lab - IT Outsourcing days: Ukraine - Oct 2017 Customer Panel TEAM’s - IT Outsourcing days: Ukraine - Oct 2017

During the Customer Panel TEAM’s current customers shared their experience on outsourcing to different destinations and why they’ve chosen Ukraine and TEAM International as a long-term partner in IT outsourcing. They shared how all the processes in their teams are built and more. The potential customers had a chance to ask questions and get answers from the current clients.

IT Outsourcing Days: Ukraine is the first conference of this format hosted by TEAM International in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Over the span of two days, the company’s clients and guests from the US and Europe had chance to learn more about Ukraine as an IT outsourcing destination, evaluate the quality of Ukrainian education and governmental reforms.

TEAM International is grateful to every participant and speaker of IT Outsourcing Days: Ukraine and look forward to hosting another conference in spring 2018.

About Us: TEAM International is a US owned and managed offshore & nearshore custom software development consultancy, established in 1991, with headquarters in Lake Mary, Florida and operations and delivery centers in Ukraine, Poland, Colobmia, and the US.

Source: Team International

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