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EBA Digests

EBA General digest is published ones a week and contains reports and announcements of the Association’s events, latest news and analysis from member companies, information about projects of the Association, which are interesting and useful for the business community.

View the latest issue of EBA General digest

EBA Lobbying digest informs monthly about the successes, progress and current activities of the Association’s Committees, aimed at protecting the interests of our member-companies within the governmental environment.

View the latest issue of EBA Lobbying digest

EBA Business digest is published once a month and informs EBA members about the new companies which have joined the Association, contains information about changes in the structure or contact information of such companies.

View the latest issue of EBA Business digest

EBA Regional digest is published once a month and allows members of the Association to find out the latest news and events from our regional offices.

View the latest issue of EBA Regional digest

EBA Management Development Centre digest Our development team conducts a lot of different events, training sessions and business school events. This Digest is a map for you to avoid getting lost in our wide range of activities.

View the latest issue of EBA Management Development Centre digest



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