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Wednesday, 30 August 2017 09:50

Premium Provider: Eurapid of the DHL Freight

After announcing its new strategy, FREIGHT 2020, DHL Freight now has a priority lane: the division is turning its attention to concrete types of delivery. It is hoped that the new premium service offered with Freight Eurapid will be attracted into customers' supply chain – both new and old.
The relaunch is complete. With two new services and optional add-ons, DHL Freight's premium product – Freight Eurapid – offers a winning combination of quality, reliability and speed. In a same-day pick-up service, consignments weighing up to 2,500 kg can now be collected and delivered across Europe, and with firmly scheduled journey times. Customers in Europe's key economic centers can also book an optional "Before-12" service to secure a delivery before noon.

This new premium service is made possible thanks to DHL Freight's dense network. Eurapid is now available for 105 destinations in 22 countries in Europe. Customers benefit from firmly agreed schedules and short delivery times. And having chosen to ship via Eurapid, those customers become premium customers and are treated as such. That's why Eurapid shipments have their own distinctive label and enjoy priority handling end-to-end – from pick-up through to delivery.

"The DHL Freight Eurapid service complements our existing product portfolio with a premium groupage service for general cargo," says Uwe Brinks, CEO DHL Freight. "The latest enhancements mark another step of our new strategy, Freight 2020, with the clear set goal to offer the highest possible level of quality, speed and reliability within our services. Especially customers from the technology, textile and fashion industries demand higher frequencies and reliable processing. With the relaunch of DHL Freight Eurapid, we meet these requirements and connect Europe's major markets seamlessly."
Freight Eurapid offers customers a wide range of benefits with optimal connections across Europe, shorter journey times, more frequent pick-ups, increased transparency for shipment tracking, premium customer service, same-day pick-up, simplified pricing and pro-active communication should exceptional circumstances arise.

The relaunch is designed to position DHL Freight as the Premium Logistics Provider on the road transport.


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