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Tuesday, 29 August 2017 17:20

Defining the customs code in accordance with Ukrainian classification of foreign trade goods

All goods subject to import/export transactions must be declared in accordance with the Ukrainian classification of foreign trade goods (УКТ ВЭД) – the correct code is ultimately determined by the customs authorities.

Due to the complexity of customs legislation, this process can be quite time-consuming. Not least becausethe material, degree of processing, purpose and application of the goods, including technical documents, service manual and the manufacturer's catalogue, also play a role in determining the correct classification.

As a customs clearance expert, DSV can ensurethe shortest possible processing time. The following steps are the most important parts of the customs clearance process:

  1. Analyse data received from the customer – and based on this determine classification code for foreign trade goods.
  2. Calculate customs duties.
  3. Fill in declarations for the goods.

Incorrect registration and processing of import/export transactions will result in refusal to import/export goods, which in turn will incur extra costs and delays for the importer/exporter.

DSV guarantees correct classification; correct calculation of customs duty, additional taxes and any other fees; and determines the need – if any – to obtain permits from other state agencies.



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