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Monday, 17 July 2017 09:45

Vacation: how to mix business and pleasure?

Summer is a gorgeous season of almost everyone yet still childhood – the most long-awaited part of the year. Time flies but nothing changes: we still wait for summer like small kids and then just sigh how fast it flows. We work hard all year long in order to afford a week or two of total relaxation – just sea, sand, waves, gulls and our dearest people around us.

However, things could not be that easy in our modern life. Progress never stops. Everything is so changeable, especially business. While you are having rest, your competitors are probably working hard: develop new business strategies, marketing ploys, attract new partners and open up new trading areas.  Because summer was not designed for vacations only. This is also the time of active preparations for trade shows/expos that will take place from September till May.

You may ask why summer? Any manager who has ever been in charge of getting his company ready to trade show will say that preparation stage shall start in 6 months before the show’s opening date. Now count. In addition, if this is the first time for your company to participate is such major event, you will need even more time. Unexperienced manager will face a row of difficulties while preparing to expo. This will lead to unexpected time loss of your employee and, what is even worse, may lead to poorer quality of your performance in the event. Because as we all know – you may spoil before you spin. For a reputable company this is inadmissible.

Why? Because all your competitors will represent their goods or service at trade show, and you have to perform even better to be on top. You will have to put the best leg forward. This is the only way to overcoming your competitors. It’s not a secret that participating in trade shows is one of the most effective marketing vehicles these days: this is the best place for finding new market outlets, for attracting new partners, monitoring competitors, etc. This is really an event that can’t be overestimated.

So, what is your best choice if you still want to have your perfect stress-free vacation and your staff has no experience in getting ready for such important event as trade show? There is a way! Translation agency ALBA offers you a unique package service: BUSINESS FAIR/EXPO EXPERT SUPPORT. We are the first in Ukraine to offer full range of service to companies who choose to participate in international expo.

Full range expert support include:

- choosing the most appropriate international expo event to represent your goods/service on world market (fair, trade show, conference)
- registration of participant, correspondence with organizer/host
- design and production of exhibition stand and promotional items, provision of necessary equipment
- communication with organizers, colleagues, potential partners
- full range of language support including translation and interpretation
- travel arrangements (hotel and air tickets booking, visa support, insurance, transfer)
- continued support service (summarizing and language service depending on your particular commercial goals)

Unique package service from Translation agency ALBA was specially developed for dynamically developing Ukrainian entrepreneurs and startupers who are convinced that participating in international expo/fair/conference is a major constituent of their business activity, marketing policy and communication of their company.

Our specialists are ready to provide you with full range of language and support service at the stage of planning, organization and participation in international event, as well as on the stage of summarizing. In the meantime, you and your employees have time for implementation of usual responsibilities and duties for the sake of your own brand promotion.

Get free consultation on this package service, call our managers (044) 451-73-40, 098-863-2338, 095-668-7974.

Have gorgeous and unforgettable vacation!

Translation agency ALBA, Kyiv.


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