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Monday, 10 July 2017 11:40

In tune with the times. DSV capabilities for E-commerce

Difficulties of E-commerce

In the modern world people perform more and more sales on the Internet, the demand for maximum speed, quality and flexibility of online order processing is growing.

Unfortunately, most online stores overestimate their capabilities in respect to logistics stocks and balances, and are simply not designed to handle frequent shipments.

Nowadays, E-commerce market players are forced to choose between lower logistics costs, moving to a suburban area, and smaller potential customers that could eventually become constant.

Comfort of choice

In recent years, warehouses have emerged spontaneously, at locations of empty depots or industrial shops, as a rule, far beyond the city. The main indicators of such warehouses’ performance were the price and time of loading / unloading Warehouse operators or customers did not demonstrate high demand for qualitative warehouse complexes, since they required additional funds.

Remoteness of warehouses from Kyiv is another significant obstacle in doing business, as there is no possibility to carry out a thorough control over the completion of orders and promptly eliminate the arising difficulties and errors.

Today, a modern warehouse complex plays an important role in operation of online stores, as it directly affects its competitiveness, the effectiveness of the marketing policy and the quality of goods, as well as the observance of the necessary storage conditions. Nowadays, companies are not ready to incur large losses of goods or deterioration of their quality as a result of unsatisfactory warehousing and storage.

Solution №1. Fulfillment

As a rule, online stores deal with a huge number of single, small items and mixed orders, which on average contain 1 or 2 pieces of three or four units and there exist a lot of such orders.

With DSV you do not need a warehouse, you do not need a manager, you do not need transport and driver. DSV Fulfillment  includes all the processes for the fulfillment of the order from the moment of registration by the client to the moment of receiving the money or processing the return. This is an opportunity to focus on the development of sales, shifting the entire range of logistics issues to DSV Fulfillment center.

Taking into consideration the variety of customer needs and types of cargo, DSV Fulfillment centers are designed to provide fast and high-quality acceptance and dispatch of products, increase the speed  of order processing, observe high requirements for fire alarms, fire suppression, ventilation, burglar alarms and video surveillance, provide storage of goods in accordance with the requirements of manufacturers, etc.

Solution №2. Warehouse in city

Moreover, we take great care for safe, quick and most importantly timely delivery of goods in proper condition to the consignor. We also provide organization of logistics between all stores and outlets, reducing the transit time and logistics costs of customers.

Our warehouse complexes of the "in city" format are located in a well-developed industrial area of Svyatoshinskiy district with a convenient exit to the main logistics highway - the Great Circular Road.

This location provides convenient transport access to all areas of Kiev, concentration and storage of goods stock in one place, courier delivery of small orders.

Solution №3. Automation

The automated professional management and accounting system for DSV E-commerce is the ideal solution for issues related to inventory balances and stock.

For high-quality and fast order picking, we use a modern automated system that is able to update the information on the availability and condition of the goods online, to facilitate the search for the necessary goods in the warehouse. Now there is no need to transfer sales and delivery of orders for the next day, we provide smooth supply of goods in Kyiv within the same day.

The WMS system also improves the quality of work with orders and the productivity of personnel, makes the company less dependent on the human factor, as well as allows eliminating and avoiding losses and additional costs.

Solution №4. Cross-docking

The use of cross-docking technology from DSV will help to substantially reduce the costs of processing and storing orders and make your warehouse "smaller".

We focus on the speed and efficiency of processing and delivery of orders, placing them in the buffer zone. Using cross-docking, we can consolidate customer orders from several areas, and then distribute them to the necessary directions.

Thus, we enable clients to more accurately plan the volumes of delivered products, monitor cargo flows and receive up-to-date reports on the movement of goods online.

Solution №5. All inclusive

Being the fifth largest provider of global transport and logistics solutions in the world and being clearly aware of the difficulties of customers in E-commerce, DSV offers a package of services that includes:

  • delivery of goods from the supplier's production plant to the warehouse,
  • acceptance and processing of orders,
  • safe custody and cell-based storage,
  • update of information on the availability of goods in the warehouse,
  • small-rack storage of goods and selection of the optimal method of placement on the shelves to accelerate the preparation of orders,
  • labeling, packaging, sticking, marking and repacking of goods of any complexity, replacing labels, applying instructions and warranty cards,
  • enclosing of POS materials,
  • piece-by-piece processing and completion of dispatch orders for individual recipients,
  • delivery to individual recipients,
  • the possibility of organizing a distribution center,
  • development, creation, support and promotion of sites,
  • advertising photography of goods,
  • processing and sorting of returns,
  • inventory management and accounting,
  • document circulation,
  • insurance of goods,
  • control of payments, etc.

Thanks to the specialized and experienced team, DSV promotes the development of customers' business, helps to promptly carry out every day operations, and enhances the feedback from recipients.



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