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Friday, 16 June 2017 14:54

"UTILVTOPPROM" company launches a new equipment for solving issues of utilization of packaging from pesticides and agrochemicals

Ukraine belongs to the number of agrarian countries with developed agriculture. At the same time, in today's agricultural industry pesticides and herbicides are widely used, - toxic chemicals, in order to increase the total yield and protect crops from various pests, weeds and other problems, as a result of which there is a container with the remains of hazardous chemicals. Pesticides and herbicides are extremely poisonous chemicals that can cause significant damage to the environment and human health. This seems obvious, therefore people are treated with the necessary caution to the agrochemicals themselves, sometimes forgetting that the danger is represented by the packing from them, including. By throwing a similar container on the landfill, a person contributes to environmental pollution, as small containers of toxic substances can be stored in these containers. Unfortunately, not everyone is thinking about this simple fact. Moreover, today in Ukraine there are a lot of illegal burials of chemical poisons, which subsequently fall into underground waters and become a source of pollution of natural resources of our world. All this directly affects the environment and, as a consequence, the future of our children.

        The «UTILVTOPPROM» company sincerely cares about ecology and preservation of the environment, with great responsibility for its work, and therefore we could not ignore such an important issue as the utilization of packaging from pesticides, herbicides and other agrochemicals.

       Taking into account all the factors of danger and the harm which can cause such packaging to the environment, «UTILVTOPPROM» launches new equipment - washing and drying complex designed for washing, disinfecting and disposing packaging and packaging from pesticides, agrochemicals with strong and superficial Types of pollution.

       Today it is the optimal method of utilization of packaging from pesticides, herbicides and other agrochemicals, as all processes are carried out in a closed space at high pressure and temperature, and the specialists of the company have extensive experience and thoroughly know all the details of this technology.


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