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Monday, 12 June 2017 10:45

Insurance in logistics. Necessity or immoderacy?

Over the recent years the logistics services market has been suffering from systematic increase in the number of thefts, both of individual goods and whole trucks. For Ukraine this situation is now becoming massive, but such incidents are already observed in Europe as well, especially in Poland and Germany.

As a rule, intruders commit their thefts at nighttime at locations where control over the situation on the road is difficult. According to the statistics of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the largest number of thefts in our country are recorded in such areas as Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk, Zakarpattya and Lviv regions.

Both cargo owners and carriers suffer thumping damages and loss of their image. During the transportation of goods on highways, the attackers break the locks, damage the sides of trucks, cut or steal the tents. Moreover, the losses of cargo owners often make up more than UAH 100 000.

DSV pays special attention to the solution of this problem and strongly recommends ensuring the cargo at reliable companies in order to avoid such unpleasant events.

As an international 3PL operator, DSV offers its customers the best solution to such problems - our own insurance program DSV Insurance, which insures all standard cargoes from natural disasters, accidents and improper transportation, as well as from any other unforeseen circumstances that cause damage or loss of the cargo.

DSV Insurance is:

  • responsibility for all insurance risks from the point of loading to the point of unloading,
  • individual competitive insurance rates depending on the value of the cargo, the route and mode of transport,
  • quick consideration of claims,
  • accelerated payment after submission of a full package of documents within one week,
  • franchise– 0%,
  • coverage of 110% from the invoice value of the cargo plus transportation costs.

DSV Insurance is the best protection against financial losses, ongoing claims processes and litigation.

DSV realizes all possible transportation risks and protects its customers from any unforeseen situations.

Entrust your cargo to real professionals!


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