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Dmytro Aleshko, partner at Legal Alliance Company

Discussing medical reform, it is crucial to understand the new system of procurement of medicines and medical products in Ukraine, which will operate from 2019 onwards.

Дмитро Муренець, начальник відділу впровадження SAP компанії BDO в Україні

Щоразу, коли стає відомо про успішний вихід вітчизняної компанії на світовий ринок, запуск іноваційного продукту чи інвестиції, отримані нашими стартаперами, багато підприємців думає: я теж так можу!  Одним із викликів, з яким стикнеться у такій ситуації чи не кожен український бізнес, буде вихід з режиму напівручного керування. Для цього доведеться наважитися перейти на нову міжнародну систему автоматизованого управління компанією.

Dmytro Aleshko, partner with Legal Alliance Company

This autumn great and tangible changes to healthcare sector in Ukraine will be made.

Starting from September 1st, 2017 healthcare institutions funded from the state and local budgets will start public procurement of the medicines included in the new National List of Essential Medicines.

For patients it means that effective, high-quality and safe essential (that is key) medicines from all diseases recognized internationally as Ukraine's priority should be provided free of charge starting from 2018 in inpatient departments.

Natalia Spivak, associate of Legal Alliance Company

The medical products industry, including medical equipment, is one of the most progressive industries in the world. Since its main purpose is to improve the quality of life and extend lifespan, it has always been in sight of regulatory agencies. The state inspection authority on medicinal products turnover in Ukraine is the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control.

2Amovers is European Business Association partner for more than two years. Over these years, we have become convinced that we became not only partners, but also good professional friends. It seems both of us equally need each other and bring mutual benefit.

Iryna Shlyakhovska, Senior Associate at Legal Alliance Company

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by Resolution No. 295 of April 26th, 2017 approved the Procedure for Exercising State Control over Compliance with Labour Legislation, which came into effect on May 16th, 2017.

From now on, state control over observance of labour legislation will be exercised in the form of inspection visits and in-service inspections by inspectors of the State Service of Ukraine for Labour not only of its territorial bodies, but also of the executive bodies of city councils of cities of regional significance and village, town and city councils of joint territorial communities (on issues of timely and full payment for work, compliance with the minimum wage guarantees, registration of labour relations).

The second quarter of 2017 has seen a re-shuffle in the ranking of the most popular social networking sites in Ukraine. The Russian-origin sites: and have recorded drops in numbers of visitors in recent months, while is on a gradual upturn.

Dmytro Aleshko, Legal Alliance Company, Partner

Natalia Spivak, Associate at Legal Alliance Company

Regulation of pharmaceutical activities is a relatively young area of law, whose development over the last decade has gained significant momentum. Dynamism of development distinguishes “pharmaceutical” legislation from among many others. In recent years, this is particularly due to the active process of harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with that of the European Union, subject to Ukraine Association Agreement with the EU.

После введения Президентом Украины санкций против ряда российских компаний и программ, в т.ч. бухгалтерских, у владельцев и топ-менеджеров украинских компаний появилась возможность внедрения мировых стандартов вместо постоянного решения проблем, создаваемых прежним программным обеспечением. Одним из основных решений, обсуждаемых сейчас тысячами владельцев бизнеса, менеджерами компаний, финансовых директоров и главных бухгалтеров, является SAP Business One.

After thirty-seven years at ABB, Bernhard Jucker plans to retire. He was a member of the Group Executive Committee for over a decade and most recently President of the Europe region. Prior to that he was Head of the Power Products division.

Head of "Lemtrans" Volodymyr Mezentsev

Exclusive interview of the General Manager of the Ukrainian largest private railway carrier "Lemtrans" Vladimir Mezentsev for Interfax-Ukraine.

Andrii Gorbatenko, associated partner at Legal Alliance Company

On June 30th, 2017, draft Order of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (the AMCU) "On Approving Model Requirements for Vertical Concerted Actions of Economic Entities on the Supply and Use of Goods" (hereinafter - the Model Requirements) was published for public discussion scheduled for July 7th, 2017.

The Model Requirements is one of the most anticipated documents, since its task is to resolve disputable issues related to violations of competition law in the framework of vertical concerted actions in more detail.

Перший заступник Начальника Офісу великих платників податків ДФС України Лариса Бондар під час зустрічі c великими платниками податків-членами Європейської Бізнес Асоціації розповіла про те, як проходити електронні перевірки у Податковій вже зараз, в яких випадках Податкова може затребувати паперові документи і коли нарешті регламент електронних перевірок запрацює для всіх.

By Lana Sinichkina, Kateryna Oliinyk, Yevgeniya Ocheretko

In Ukraine, 2017 saw the settling of a landmark case between Ukraine's Ministry of Health and Gilead Sciences, Inc., relating to Gilead’s Sovaldi.

The case illustrates that even in the case when laws on intellectual property rights and data exclusivity provisions do not work, an interested party and the government may find the legal tools to protect foreign investments in Ukraine under bilateral investment treaties, reconciling the same with the need to secure access to the innovative technologies under the negotiated price.

Nothing can be better than a cup of exhilarant coffee with a piece of chocolate to launch your brain in the morning. Those, who are engaged in intellectual activity, have already understood this, so there is an ability to drink coffee whenever you want in every worthy office.

Andrey Gardashnikov, Oncologist, chemotherapist, Oncological clinic "Ukrainian Center of Tomotherapy"

When people go to the health care facilities, they basically want to get help in solving their problems or to be convinced that such problems don’t exist. Not many of them expect that the quality of medical services will be high especially if it is an ordinary polyclinic. Sometimes physicians allow themselves a disrespectful attitude while covering with the fact that it’s only the result that matters. There is also a belief that one shouldn’t expect anything decent from the state medical care, but if so how is it possible to enhance the quality of the health care? A physician of any health care facility in any city or village is primary a specialist, who must carry out the duties imposed on him by law.

Viacheslav Petryshche, Head of Allseeds Board

The Group Allseeds started to implement the second stage of its global development in Yuzhny port, the construction of a multifunctional soybean crushing plant, with a daily production capacity of 5,000 tons.

Max Lebedev, Managing Associate at GOLAW

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ratified the Convention with Malta for the avoidance of double taxation and prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income and also the Protocol thereto.

Two Easter campaigns. Wonderful, elaborate creations. Unimposing, based on emotions and conveying a message. A great example of two different digital strategies. Marta Sułkiewicz, Gemius expert on online video ads, takes a look at two Easter campaigns – the supermarket chain Netto in Germany and Milka’s international campaign.

Town Hall is a new Facebook function designed to facilitate citizens’ contact with government representatives. It is currently only available to internet users in the US. What are its chances of success beyond American borders? Krzysztof Majkowski, head of the Gemius consulting department, addresses the question.


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