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Info partnership

The European Business Association serves as information partner for various events – including numerous business forums and conferences. The status of EBA member allows you to attend events which are interesting for you on favorable conditions.

If you are interested in cooperating with us in terms of an information partnership, please send a short description of the event, its agenda and list of potential speakers to the EBA Communications department via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Venue: Exhibition Center Chamber Plaza Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kyiv, Velyka Zhytomyrska Str., 33

The international exhibition Rail Expo 2017 held in B2B format is a highlight in the 1520 railway segment. This specialized exhibition called RE UA 2017 focuses precisely on the railway industry and brings together the public and private sectors from around the world. With this exhibition, we are creating a platform for transnational exchange of experience, as well as establishing trends and prerequisites for rapid positive changes on the railways.

Venue: Exhibition Center Chamber Plaza Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kyiv, Velyka Zhytomyrska Str., 33

  • Double bottomed order portfolio: Why did car fleet renewal campaign fail to spur the rail car building in Ukraine? Does the country need innovative wagons?
  • Pay less – earn more! Priorities of public procurement: either low prices or life cycle expenses.
  • New wagons VS restored ones: economic feasibility and operational efficiency of the restored car fleet in comparison with the new rolling stock. Wagons from the Customs Union secondary market: renting/buying and extending their service life.
  • What will drive the locomotive building in Ukraine – strategic alliances or own searches?
  • SPECIAL TOPIC: Equipment, materials and supplies for railcar building plants and locomotive works

Venue: Exhibition Center Chamber Plaza Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kyiv, Velyka Zhytomyrska Str., 33

  • Boosting the speed on railways – dreams and reality
  • Choosing directions of switching the Ukrainian Railways: East-West, 1520 or 1435? Ukraine’s integration into the European transport network
  • Rail divorce: is it possible to separate freight and passenger flows?
  • Traffic safety and infrastructure upgrades – technological solutions for increased speed
  • Digital revolution on railways: the way the digitalization may affect the freight traffic?

Подія відбудеться 28 жовтня з 9.00 до 19.00 в “DEC Place” (адреса: м. Київ, бульвар Лесі Українки, 23б)

Scrum Business Conference - вперше в Україні створено платформу для обміну живим досвідом використання та впровадження Scrum у бізнесі (не ІТ-галузі).



Місце проведення: зал Forum (2 поверх) бізнес-центр «Кристал». Київ, Харківське шосе, 175 (метро Бориспільська).

30 жовтня у Києві відбудеться друга щорічна конференція AGROIT 2017. Це захід, який присвячений інформаційним технологіям в аграрному бізнесі.

Venue: Leopolis Hall (Lviv, 16 Teatralna street)

Accelerating Ukraine’s integration into the European vehicle industry’s supply chain.

In cooperation with UkrAutoprom, the Ukrainian Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association. A major inward investment trend has been gathering momentum in Ukraine in recent times, but has largely gone under the radar in terms of attracting the attention of the wider business community.

Leading international automotive component manufacturers, led by Germany, Japan and North America, have been opening production facilities, primarily in Western Ukraine, to serve their global OEM customers whose vehicle plants are located just over the border in the EU.

ІА «АПК-Інформ» анонсує проведення другої конференції «Експорт зерна з України», яка відбудеться 2 листопада в м. Київ (готель «ALFAVITO Kyiv»). Захід пройде за підтримки Української зернової асоціації та Міжнародної юридичної служби Interlegal.

Україна досить активно почала новий 2017/18 МР – із високого попиту експортерів на зерно та досить високих цін, основним драйвером чого виступило постійне надходження інформації з ключових країн-виробників зерна про негативний вплив погоди на стан посівів та очікуване погіршення якості. В результаті, за оперативними даними АПК-Інформ, обсяг експортних поставок у перший місяць нового сезону на 16% перевищив показник липня попереднього МР.

Dr. Nordström’s forecasts have been realized with 100% accuracy: we are living in the economy he predicted and building companies according to his model. But the world is changing so unbelievably fast. The uniqueness of our time lies into rapid changes – globalization, urbanization, unbelievable digital technologies growth.

What lies ahead? How will business of post-funk time look like? How to survive in this new world and how to get the best of inevitable changes? How will the ultra-modern business environment look like? How does your business have to change according to this new reality?

This as well as new companies principles, new industrial systems, new geopolitical reality, and the main thing –  the art of making money in a new world matrix will be told about by a well-known Swedish economist, writer, and business speaker – Kjell Nordström on November 9, 2017, Kiev, on the main event of this fall – “BUSINESS IN THE FAANG STYLE”.

Hilton Kyiv

This year, the "Orchestrators of Changes" Forum will bring together business elite, leading world coaches, outstanding statesmen of Ukraine and world for the common goal - to inspire you to reinvent yourself and your business.

One Philosophy Group of Companies and Changers Leadership Consultancy as a part of the group are happy to invite you join the 6-th annual conference for leaders among employers and spend two inspiring days with global and Ukrainian HR and Leadership Experts on employer brand, leadership and communications fields.

Arzinger International Intellectual Property Conference is the international forum for legal professionals and businesses from all the industries which is held annually in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The event joins IP experts, business representatives, investors to share the experiences and to obtain the practical guidance on different IP issues, as well as for the acclaimed in-person networking with their peers and business partners.

Venue: Hilton Kyiv (Kyiv, Bulv. T.Shevchenko 30) 
Organizer: Sayenko Kharenko law firm.

The event will be held under the support of Association of Corporate Security Professionals of Ukraine and the general media partner – Yuridicheskaya Practika Weekly.

The event is going to become a discussing platform for such urgent topics as the most high-profile business conflicts involving government authorities, the impact of public opinion on corporate reputation, as well as peculiarities of security infrastructure on the enterprise.

During the studies you will:

Get acquainted with logistics management, sales management and customer relationship management modules; Learn more about accounting and financial management in SAP Business One; Become competent in the management and configuration of the program and get basic information about integrated, interactive, and predictive business analytics based on SAP HANA *. You will also learn about SAP® Business One's ability to manage business, evaluate the benefits of automated turnkey processes built on proven management practices, learn how to work with basic documents in order to maximize the use of business management systems.


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