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EBA Personal and Corporate Efficiency Studio

The EBA Southern Office launched new 2011 year with a new project - "Studio of Personal and Corporate Efficiency". The first event in the frames of the project was Master-Class on Personal Efficiency: "How to enter 2011 year with great success". The Master-Class was presented by Igor Solodov, business-coach of Pucelik Consulting Group.

Major tasks of the Studio:

  • Developing and constant improvement of the EBA Southern Ukrainian Office member-companies representatives’ personal and corporate efficiency;
  • Providing new information, methods and forms on organization of company/department/ personal affairs and goals, taking into consideration the Studio participants interests;
  • Setting systematic work for achieving best results by holding regular master-classes from leading specialists;


  • Participants are representatives of the EBA Southern Ukrainian Office member-companies, delegated by the companies’ CEOs to take part in the Studio.
  • Applicants can also nominate themselves, if they don’t have direct CEOs;
  • A company can nominate one candidate for free participation in the Studio;
  • A company can nominate more than one candidate for participation in the Studio. (Definite fee for every next employee’s participation in the Studio may be applied.)

The Studio is held once per month (date and place are additionally specified).

The EBA member-companies, interested in the Studio work, can acquire additional information at the EBA Office in Odesa.

Relevant topics for Studio meetings:

  • Personal Efficiency Tools
  • Intelligent Time management
  • Major principles of effective communication
  • Conversations: ruling results
  • Improvement of presentation skills
  • Managing conflicts
  • Principles of effective management
  • Models of personal motivation: where there is subsidiary’s "button"?
  • Coaching as instrument of department/company management
  • How to teach subsidiaries

and many others.


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