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Successes and Progresses

Protecting and nurturing the interests of investors, building and sustaining a competitive business environment requires manageable, predictable and productive cooperation with the government. At their best, good lobbying campaigns introduce dialogue, accountability, transparency, clarity and equality into essential business-government relationships.

EBA Successes & Progresses display impactful lobbying efforts & campaigns which resulted in regulatory changes. Our successes are built on our mutual endeavors.



The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine approved two Orders on registration of crop protection products

Health Care

Wholesale price declaration for medical devices is cancelled

Health Care

PIC/s membership of the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drug Control is extended

Health Care

The Government postponed the implementation of reference pricing for drugs till 1 April 2017
Ukrpatent supported the position concerning the introduction of the national exhaustion principle of the intellectual property rights in Ukraine
Obligatory passport stamps for the abroad business trips were cancelled
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the Resolution «On Amendments to the Technical Regulation on certain goods packed by weight and volume to the final packaging».
The automated fare collection system and e-ticket will be implemented in passenger transport
The quality of provision of information to the consumers was improved
The State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine (‘Agency’) issued an obligatory order for the heads of state enterprises under Agency while export of fuelwood to limit the length of 2 meters.


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