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Wednesday, 05 July 2017 18:20


On 30 June 2017, the President of Ukraine signed the Draft Law №0906 dated 27 November 2014 "On state control over legislative compliance on food products, feed, animal by-products, animal health and welfare".

EBA members have been working on proposals for the Draft Law for a long time and have managed to reach a consensus with its authors on most positions. In particular, the relevant provisions of the Law of Ukraine №2042-VIII dated 18 May 2017 settles infeasibility of duplication of state control measures; foresee the reduction of the list of grounds for inspections, the introduction of an external annual audit of the competent authority, the State Food Security and Consumer Protection Service of Ukraine, with the involvement of public representatives, the limitation of the number of persons whom the authority to conduct certain state control measures can be delegated to, etc.

The main provisions of the Law will come into force after a 9-month transitional period, during which there will be a need to develop and adopt approximately 40 by-laws. EBA experts are ready to join the elaboration of the relevant regulatory acts and are grateful to the authors and relevant state authorities for a constructive dialogue.


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