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On invitation of the IT Committee the meeting with President of the IT Association of Slovakia Mario Lelovsky was held on Friday, September 16th. The meeting was focused on the development of a mutual cooperation between the IT communities of both countries, experience exchange in major issues solving, in particular in IT education.
EBA Grain & Oilseed Committee took part in the meeting with the representatives of the State Food Security and Consumer Protection Service, International Finance Corporation and other interested stakeholders concerning the issue of monitoring phytosanitary condition of the Ukrainian fields.
EBA Working Group on Assisting Business in ATO Area met with advisors of the Members of Parliament regarding land taxation on non-government controlled area in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. During the meeting the business representatives highlighted on the main problematic aspects, which should be regulated. The Draft Las is still in the process of development.
The EBA Woodworking and Furniture Committee meeting with The World Bank (FLEG II) and Better Regulation Delivery Office representatives re following issues of reforming the forest industry:
1. Mechanism of unprocessed timber sale;
2. Forest harvest residue and waste;
3. Processing and recycling of wood waste.

Health Care

EBA HCC Executive Director Natalia Serhienko took part in the meeting of the initiative group of Public Council at the State Administration of Ukraine on Medicinal Products and Drugs Control.


IT Committee members Sigma Software, GlobalLogic, Ciklum together with the leaders of Google, AOL, Microsoft, KPMG successfully held Seattle Tech Days. On August 25 business tech leaders from Ukraine and from American tech giants, including Microsoft and Google met downtown for Seattle Tech Days, a forum to promote collaboration between Seattle and Ukraine. Top tech leaders discussed the next generation technologies, big data, the industrial Internet of Things, and their role in global business processes.

Health Care

EBA HCC Executive Director Natalia Serhienko participated in the meeting of the MOH Working Group on the National Drug Policy.

Health Care

EBA President Krzysztof Siedlecki and EBA HCC Head Georgiy Viktorov took part in the PharmBudget-2017 Conference.
EBA Grain & Oilseed Committee held a meeting with the representatives of Minagropolicy to discuss the current state of play and prospects for improving the current regulatory framework for optimisation of grain logistics system.


Dairy Committee representatives took part in a Working group meeting on the improvement of dairy sector development under the chairmanship of the Head of animal development department Mr Mykola Kvasha. In course of the meeting a number of important issues for dairy industry have been discussed.


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