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Women's Club

The idea to establish an EBA Women’s Club stems from the growing role on women in modern business circles. As gender equality improves in Ukrainian society, lots of issues appear that are important for businesswomen. In such conditions it becomes almost vital for businesswomen to have a forum to discuss and promote their interests. The meetings of EBA Women’s Club are dedicated to discussing the most important topics for women in business such as: network building for business women, the special activities of companies for women, business education & opportunities for women etc.

The club gives an exclusive opportunity to all women employed by EBA member companies to participate in business in Ukraine and forms a strong networking platform for women within the EBA community.

One should note that the club is becoming more and more popular among EBA members as they actively participate in the club’s activity. The first EBA Women’s club meeting held on the 10 December 2009 proved how eager EBA members were to participate and during the third meeting participants agreed to hold elections for the club’s President, two Vice-Presidents and Club Coordinator so that the club becomes a well organised and well structured forum for business ladies in Ukraine.


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