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Special events


Among the variety of EBA social events there are some that are organised for special festive occasions.

Although this type of cultural arrangement is more an exceptional one than a traditional, such events are being gradually introduced to practice. Wine tasting parties, Jazz concerts, Cabaret and theatre performances don’t conclude the diverse list of EBA “spontaneous events”.

The distinctive character of EBA social life – openness to the latest novelties – creates a solid basis for such party practice. The great advantage of single-shot events is their unconstrained character and free theme choice. So the wine tasting party managed to create a paradise for wine-fanciers. Even the most exquisite taste demands had a chance to become indulged by such wine diversity. Change the wine attraction to high quality jazz music and find yourself in the atmosphere of a Jazz concert. The Jazz party, well-timed to the departure of Ambassador of Netherlands, had “a goodbye character” and caused “an ambassador boom”, gathering over 20 Ambassadors under one roof. Other kinds of aesthetical tastes might be satisfied by the folk-style presentations of Cabaret meeting and theatre performances, especially organised for EBA members.

So if you are looking for ultimate events such special and unique EBA social meetings are exactly what you need.



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