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Christmas Parties for Kids

The European Business Association is a big believer in the importance of traditional family values. We seek to unite all our member companies within one big family, where mutual help and honour regarding everyone’s interests prevails. Every year on the eve of winter holidays, we traditionally gather children and their parents from EBA member companies at our wonderful celebration – “Christmas Party for Kids”.

Having initiated and organized this event since 2002, the EBA always sets the goal of providing your children with an unforgettable experience. Our main intention is to give children the feeling of a real Christmas atmosphere, create a festive mood before the winter holidays, as well as to leave only positive memories about the time that is spent with the family. We encourage you to join this celebration and take part in the EBA Christmas Party for Kids. All you need is to be an employee of an EBA member company. The balance between a relaxed Christmas ambience and a carefully arranged festive programme will definitely guarantee that every kid will enjoy our party! A wide range of competitions and special presents from our partners will ensure every child enjoys the festive cheer. In addition, cool jokes and games during the party from real the Santa Claus will be an essential part of the programme.

We are also open to sponsorship/partnership proposals from your company if you’re keen to support our Christmas Party for Kids. Please e-mail us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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