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EBA Management Development Centre

PR Development Programme

STATUS: we are working on the next season

about the programme

PR branding, internal communications, SMM strategy and instruments are inseparably connected with each other. All of them make a many-sided PR strategy of the company. Today, when every day transformational changes occur and companies face force majeure situations, PR specialist should react operatively and effectively. What does it mean to be a successful PR strategist in crisis time? Do you know 6 steps of anti-crisis communication? Best professionals in PR sphere will share their knowledge, experience and practical cases on all the above-mentioned topics.

This season you will have ahead:

  • Fully renewed format and programme on communication from the leading Ukrainian PR-specialists
  • Group work on cases and insane drive
  • Fresh view on communication with your own company
  • Unique opportunity to gain experts` consultations on reputational management, anti-crisis and digital communications, relations with media and creation of effective texts

Having successfully finished the development programme, the you will receive certificate of completion.

during the modules you will

  • Understand the role of PR for branding
  • Examine practical cases and define the number of PR instruments that were used
  • Create your own PR-strategy
  • Improve effectiveness of work with mass media representatives
  • Understand what “Head-made” PR means
  • Have 70% of practice


  • PR specialists
  • PR managers
  • Middle and senior-management


MODULE 1. brand communication - September 18

  •  Criteria of the good speaker are common for people and brand: strong expertise, grammar, exact message, right auditorium, tone of voice, idea format and long rehearsals
  • Let`s go to make brand a perfect orator
  • Context: what should be known about the world where the brand exists
  • Cases: ideas adn mechanisms of the project that should be rethought, made better and implemented

MODULE 2. PR STRATEGY – september 20

  • Analysis of brand condition – investigation and monitoring (analysis of brand reputation, reputational audit, analysis of rivals and their potential, as well as evaluation of their PR strategy and visibility)
  • Purposes and tasks of PR strategy during a particular period of time (strategic and tactic)
  • Target audience examination (formed on the basis of investigation): the number of target groups, description of their peculiarities)
  • Key destinations of PR strategy
  • Description of the final result (wished reputational image, peculiarities of positioning and widening the potential clients` auditorium, growth of the sales level)
  • Budget on the events planned

MODULE 3. Internal communications – september 22

  • The role and tasks of internal communications
  • Principles of the effective internal communications
  • Approaches to the auditorium segmentation
  • Main channels of communication: their advantages and tasks
  • The role of the first person in the company in the internal communications
  • Measurement of the internal communications` effectiveness. Cases (forming of internal communications strategy)

MODULE 4. personal brand. creation and promotion – september 25

  • What is personal brand and reputation
  • What does reputation consist of and how is it created
  • Audit
  • Self-presentation
  • My target audience
  • My personal media mix and media mix of my company
  • Content

MODULE 5. 6 steps of anti crisis communications – september 27

  • Support of the company in internal and external sphere
  • Achievement of new and existing market

MODULE 6. interaction between journalists and PR-managers – September 29

  • Standard mistakes on building the cooperation with mass media
  • Work with copy editors and journalists
  • Campaigns` effectiveness: media with paid traffic, how to make everybody talking about you without payment
  • Special projects, stories, long reads: what for there are script writer and programmist
  • Conflict situations: black PR, media wars. Typical scripts and life hacks

MODULE 7. TRENDS OF SMM AND BRANDS – October 02 - 16.00 - 19.30

  • How to create and promote working page successfully. Successful cases
  • Elements of native advertising and digital elements in creating PR brand of the company. Successful cases
  • How to make your and your target audience`s interests intercross. Successful cases
  • PR brand in social networks (Facebook, Instagram). Successful cases





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