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EBA Education

Legal English School

STATUS: we are working on the next season

about the school

The goal of the School is to help participants understand the peculiarities of using English as the langauge of law through instruction and practice.

The Course consists of ten 90-minute sessions that will include a review of key legal concepts and essential vocabulary, discussions, case-studies, role-plays, writing exercises and functional grammar. It looks at the latest developments in the field of law and uses the most up-to-date authentic materials, which makes it highly relevant to student`s experience and working environment.

The language of the classes is English. The required English level is Intermediate and above.

Having successfully finished the School, you will receive certificate of completion. 

target audience

  • Practicing lawyers in a law firm and lawyers in a private practice
  • In-house legal professionals
  • Lawyers in the public administration or working at the court
  • Judges and prosecutors of all specialities

during the modules you will

  • Gain an insight into the structure of legal documents
  • Master the skill of writing the main legal documents: contracts, charters, motiions, resolutions, informative memos
  • Hone skills of written communication while studying authentic legal texts
  • Learn vocabulary, cliches and courtesy patterns, which are an integral part of legal correspondence
  • Develop the power of persuasion and reasoning, become eloquent and confident speaker


module 1. company law: company formation and management

  • Formation of a company. Necessary documents
  • Agreement for the establishment of a Limited Liability Company and Capital Contribution
  • Changes in the company structure
  • Transfer of Assets Agreement

module 2. company law: capitalization

  • Authorized share capital
  • Types of shares
  • Rights of shareholders
  • Shareholders and supervisory boards

module 3. company law: changes in company

  • Constitutional amendment
  • Consolidation
  • Acquisition of controlling shares
  • Voluntary liquidation
  • Merger
  • Sale of substantially all assets
  • Compulsory winding-up

module 4. contracts: contract formation

  • Contracts as legal obligations for parties. Relationship between rights and duties
  • Elements that render the contract enforceable
  • Drafting a contract. Common language patterns and models used clauses

module 5. contracts: Contract assignment and third party rights

  • Third party beneficiary contract
  • Assignment vs. novation
  • Right of first refusal
  • Delegation of duties

module 6. employment law

  • Employment legislation
  • Terms of employment and termination of employment
  • Employment tribunals. An employment tribunal claim
  • A justified and unfair dismissal

module 7. real property law

  • Freehold estates and leaseholds. Contract of sale
  • Leasehold vs. licence
  • Lease or tenancy agreement

module 8. intellectual property

  • Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
  • Cybersquatting
  • Right of fair use
  • Domain names
  • Business method patents
  • Trade-mark statutes

module 9. debtor-creditor

  • Consensual, judiciary and statutory liens
  • Priority creditors
  • Statutes governing attachment
  • Protecting assets from judicial liens

module 10. competition law

  • Anti-competitive activity and antitrust measures
  • Competition law violations
  • Merger control
  • Proposals



Should you be interested in participation, please, fill in the Application Form in english or ukrainian

To specify obligatory conditions and requirements concerning participation
contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +38 (044) 496 06 01.



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